Acrylic signage is gradually gaining traction as a more visible, long-lasting, cost-effective alternative to traditional signage methods. However, with so many suppliers and manufacturers, it cannot be easy to know who to trust and what product to purchase. Acrylic signs and 3D Signboards are visually appealing, printed in full colour with photographic quality, and can be an inexpensive marketing tool for your business or convey your custom message.


This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to acrylic signage.

What exactly are acrylic signs?

Acrylic signs are made of a colourless, transparent, long-lasting polymer material formed into plastic sheets and have the clarity of glass. Acrylic is frequently compared to drink, which is naturally more fragile due to its versatility, flexibility, strength, and lighter weight. Acrylic signs, which can be printed in a wide range of colours, add a clean, sophisticated look to virtually any space. Acrylic is also known as Plexiglas, Lucite, Acrylite, Crylux, Perspex®, and plastic glass.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Acrylic Signboard?


The use of acrylic has numerous advantages. First and foremost, acrylic is a weather-resistant material. It's also shatter-resistant, which makes it a good choice if you work in a busy environment or are concerned about accidents.

Acrylic's transparency is another benefit. This is ideal for businesses that want to make a statement without having an Acrylic sign Singapore that obscures their windows or storefront. Finally, acrylic is a cost-effective choice compared to other materials such as metal or wood.


Acrylic Sign Installation

Acrylic signs look best when mounted on a clean, flat surface. Custom acrylic signs frequently include the option of pre-drilled holes and can be installed using traditional screws or aluminium or brushed nickel standoffs. Standoffs allow the sign to be displayed at a distance from the wall, creating the illusion of 3D Signs.


Can Acrylic Signage be Used Outside?

Yes! They are superior materials because they can maintain a clean appearance throughout the year.

Acrylic signs can be hung outside because they are made of rigid plastic materials. Even though they are not available in Singapore, the tough plastic is resistant to all types of weather, including the most extreme summer and winter conditions.


3D Signboard Acrylic signage is one of the most effective ways to market and advertise your company. It is distinct, modern, and draws people's attention. To get the most out of your 3D Signboard Acrylic Signage, you must first understand how it works and how to use it effectively. You can learn more about it in this guide.