Coinbase Clone Script


Hivelance offers ready-to-use and bug-free Coinbase Clone Script which is a user-to-admin crypto exchange clone software having exact features and functionalities of the Coinbase Exchange. With our robust coinbase exchange clone scripts, you may create a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange platform. To make trading digital currencies fun, our exchange development solutions follow strict security measures.


What is Coinbase and How Does it Work?


Users can only purchase cryptocurrencies using the gateway after linking their bank, debit, or credit accounts. When using a bank account, the trade limits increase significantly; however, depending on the bank, it may take a few business days for the sale to be reported in the account. Credit and debit card restrictions are lower in contrast. The user can deposit money directly from their bank accounts to the exchange to buy cryptocurrency. This reflects the instantaneous filling of the coin basis wallets. Additionally, users can send their coins to a PayPal account to quickly have them changed into local currency.

User accounts must be created by providing an email address and password. After the provided email has been verified, the user will be directed to the exchange's landing page. The phone number has recently been verified.

The platform needs the user to make a minimum of one or two in and out transactions before it can accept a bank transfer. The card's image is necessary for cards, though.

Once the user has enough money, he can start trading. The platform makes the specifics of the transaction fee and the amount spent public for verification. After they have been verified, the cryptocurrency will be deposited in the wallet.


Do you want to create a cryptocurrency exchange app similar to Coinbase?

There are more and more cryptocurrencies available to pick from every day. Exchange systems are required to increase the efficiency of exchanging virtual coins in order to meet the growing demand. We offer award-winning Coinbase clone scripts with secure, dependable, and cutting-edge features like multi-currency wallets, real-time market charts, and straightforward trade options, among others.


Unique Features of Coinbase Clone Script


User Interface That Is Responsive

Get a quick and responsive user interface that is compact and simple to use. Our developers will make certain that your user interface is bug and error free.


History of transactions

View a simple or advanced view that contains detailed transaction information to see the history of all bitcoin transactions made by users on your platform.


Traders’ communication routes

For your platform, our Coinbase clone scripts offer in-app chat features. This feature allows traders to communicate with one another and come to an agreement, including both buyers and sellers.


Authentication using two factors

You can set up additional security protocols to protect your users and your exchange platform. Using two-factor authentication will protect wallets in particular from hacking.


Notifications through push

Users can receive push notifications to stay updated on the status of their transactions and search results.


Escrow wallet with a lot of features

Escrow wallets make it simpler for cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to make smooth transactions. Keep your crypto coins and sell them to buyers that accept the seller's terms.



Allow users of your platform to sell the cryptocurrencies they own. Users will be able to create advertisements in minutes for a fee based on the time and reach of their advertisement.


Markets in action

On your platform, traders will be able to view the current market value of cryptocurrencies.


Support for multiple coins

Having support for a number of cryptocurrencies will increase the user base of your platform. Along with well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, include alternative coins.


Contracts that are smart

Create conditions to automate transaction verification. You'll be able to offer your platform's users a quick way to execute cryptocurrency transactions in this manner.


Why did we create a Coinbase clone?


Our Coinbase clone script is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, and market-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. We've created scripts that are simple to change, understand, and are completely bug-free. Because of the exceptional features of our programmes, you have complete control over every aspect of the clone software, allowing you to tailor it to your specific business requirements. Provide cryptocurrency traders with an easy-to-use, intuitive bitcoin exchange platform. Begin using our exchange platform solutions immediately.


Coinbase Clone Script with a White Label


Coinbase clone script is the name of the replica application used by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The preface of this script is similar to Coinbase's, however there are some differences as well. It is a ready-to-use clone script application that may help customers launch their bitcoin exchange business right away. This script allows for customization. As a result, clients can make customised alterations based on their own business requirements. In addition to using Blockchain technology for security, our clone script also incorporates extra security components to increase the software's encryption and security.

CloneAppScript is a one-stop shop for all of your Coinbase-like cryptocurrency exchange needs. Our Coinbase clone software has a larger user base and an easy-to-use UI, which can significantly increase user engagement. The user interface of our clone software allows users to trade effectively without any technical difficulties. Because cryptocurrency is resonating around the world, now is the best time to use App Clone Script to build a cryptocurrency exchange site like Coinbase.


Development of a Coinbase Clone App


Because of the Coinbase clone app, your customers can trade instantly with their smartphones. Our Coinbase clone app development includes a stunning user interface and a robust API that enables traders to trade quickly and without interruptions. Our clone software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Some of the essential features of our Coinbase clone app:


Management of the Coinbase clone app

Authentication via biometrics.

The user interface is stunning.

API that is helpful.

Clone app that can be customized

On both Android and iOS platforms, a ready-to-use app will be available right now.

Integration of a cryptocurrency wallet.

Notifications that appear as pop-ups.

Tracking your location.


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