Do you want to go in a very interactive Florida destination that would surely entertain you and your family? Brace yourselves to get wet and encounter the splendor of the realm of ocean as you visit SeaWorld Orlando. There are just too many things to enjoy inside! Have a wild encounter with our underwater friends, be entertained by the live shows, dine and buy mementoes for your loved ones, and have your nerves wracked by trying out some of the park's rides for kids. It is truly guaranteed that it would buy huge smiles from each attendee.

The Exciting SeaWorld Orlando Rides


The tale of Kraken you've once heard from the folks will come alive inside this park! Regarded to be the most famous ride, this roller coaster will let you feel the thrill, the ups and downs, the forces and the winding course, and a blast of action!

Shamu Express

Kids have their own way of euphoria, and it could be shown through Shamu Express. This is a ride you would love for it amuses you tots with its calm turns and drops.

Ocean Commotion

Want to experience the feeling being inside a rocking ship without even getting wet? This ride is a 19-foot tub boat that brings you to feel the movement of a ship.

Sky Tower

Take a look at the whole SeaWorld from afar and experience to be on top at the park's iconic building. Sky Tower has been the heart of the park that's never to be missed. Then you can take a picture from a seabird's eye view of the SeaWorld.


A one of a kind adventure, this SeaWorld Orlando ride will make you feel how a giant manta ray spins, flies, and glides. There would be unexpected animal encounters in this very fast ride. Get ready for an inverted nosedive, full forced manipulation, and a sea of happiness. Every rider indeed is but a brave big manta!

Sea Carousel

You will ride not in a typical horse, but in a Shamu! Get a carousel merry go round for sale madness as you circle your way at a pink octopus-themed attraction.

Paddle Boats

Would you like a romantic ride for two? Do it at Paddle Boats where you can take a tour around the park's vast central lake. This is even comparable to extravagant cruising-floating on water while sharing the time with the one you love.

If you have the desire to experience all of the SeaWorld Orlando rides, you must rent ultra affordable Orlando homes near SeaWorld. Enjoy the water park with the rest of the family!

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