URL: https://yarabook.com/read-blog/111855_how-south-african-art-can-help-map-africa-as-a-global-cultural-icon.html Africa as a continent is immensely rewarded by mother nature in a true sense. The huge diversity of flora- fauna and the tribal cultural heritage of the African subcontinent are some gems of the multidimensional cultural crown. The African cradle civilization is the birthplace of artistic exploration that has produced beautiful cultural rhythms for years and has rejuvenated the global culture scene many times. Africa has a long history of affecting creative expression as a culture. Africa has a long history of creative expression as a culture. You yourself can speculate the cultural magnificence of Africa from the fact that Nigerians were directing plays a long time before William Shakespeare penned the drafts of his first play and Africa’s film industry Nollywood's credits over 1,500 films per year, making it the second-largest film industry in the world. If African governments come together to promote creative industries, commencing the African renaissance by supporting local painters, musicians, and filmmakers and bringing them to the forefront will be a tremendous force for the economic development of the continent. Art as a medium of representation doesn’t require exorbitant use of high-end technology and gadgets, but self-sustaining artists like the black south African artists need a strong digital presence to become bona fide businesses. The African continent has no shortage of talent, and the economic potential after government fosters Africa's creative industries is immense. Now the time has come to recognize and profit from the untapped potential of the creative industry in areas of job creation and elevating national pride. Nollywood, Nigeria’s film-making industry, is the nation’s second-largest employer and has given over a million people jobs and generates over $500m of revenue annually. Imagine what will be the voluptuous rise in the African economy if the due attention is paid to visual arts, theatre, dance, and the exquisite abstract oil paintings for sale which captivate the true essence of Africa? With the African continent’s population expected to double by the year 2050, a flourishing creative sector can help deliver the necessary impetus in addressing the problem of regional unemployment. Albeit the tourism accounts for an estimated 9 percent of Africa's GDP, Africa's creative and cultural soft power could further boost the travel scenario of the continent. Art is a forum that is capable of healing divides and a medium that recognizes shared experiences across diverse populations. It is a tough road ahead to bring the African artists in the limelight but if we start encouraging the African art by purchasing the works of black South African artists like music albums and abstract oil paintings for sale then we surely can expect the government to look into the matter and take necessary steps.