PSO2 is 8 years late to the Western Market and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta it seems like nothing more but a money grab at this point. The marketing and costs for everything is out of versions. Maybe this still works in Japan, but in comparison to fantastic luck, MMOs. I'd hoped that because they added the assignment pass, they may have shifted some things around to cater to the market chance to that. PC players from North America that were committed enough to go as far as play Japan servers and looked ahead to an NA release have gotten but the taste of SEGAs boots' bottom to nothing.

I don't believe PSO2 deserves to fail in any way, but I think it might if they do not get their shit together. The launch was a complete tragedy. Additionally, the whole outfit/cash store thing is dreadful. I hate waiting bi-weekly or daily for new clothes that are perm however in this rotation that is crazy. I mean I never seen. Is it like that in Japan? In japan f2p are all like this and even worse, they were able to nurture a marketplace where people are happy about lootboxes and FOMO crap. If you buy them all they even had to place some limitation with national laws such as selling pieces, because the shit was absolutely bonker.

I mean if the clothes items never went people will try and sell high to create their cash or off the costs will drop to the floor. People wish to be different generally within an MMO, so making matters not perm and at a loony spinning helps feed that self, mindset, lifestyle etc. In the event the prices dropped to the ground, people wont invest actual money because the demand is low since its not edition and PSO2 wont make money. They keep you coming back to find every few weeks on the latest things to make you distinct in a PVE game in which you just go back to reception and flex your style.

In PSO2 where everyone eventually can get exactly the exact same equipment, style is the only defining thing thats restricted and exclusive (look at this overpriced watch the business intentionally generated, only 1000 bits so I can flex on you and stand out). Limited edition stuff happens in real life, individuals line up for hours to have sneakers, toys or w.e hype clothes drop than any other ordinary day.dont just blame the company, blame individuals who fueling this kind of behavior with lack of subject and validation issues.or simply let people determine how they spend their money, you have a choice.

Regrettably, much like the reason most region publishing fails, so long as SEGA doesn't really invest in NA by giving it its own development branch it is always going to feel down attempt. A team half way throughout the planet with language barriers and a focus within an already distinct community can not possibly be depended on to also meet same level of attention to issues, wants, and just positive connections and community involvement that any match hoping for pso2 sales success needs to truly flourish.I love PSO2.