In the face of the New Crown epidemic, netizens have sent out the sentiment: "Youth is only a few years old, but the epidemic accounts for three years." In the context of the global fight against the epidemic, the emergence of a new mutant strain of Omicron has undoubtedly intensified the pressure on countries to fight the epidemic.

Compared to the original New Coronavirus, Omicron is more infectious and Rapid antigen self test more harmful to humans. I believe everyone would like to know when the epidemic will be completely over.

Learn more about the New Coronavirus

New coronaviruses are RNA viruses, which are composed of a protein shell and RNA, the genetic material in the body.

It is because the genetic material of the new coronavirus is RNA that determines its mutation-prone nature.

Since RNA is a single-stranded structure, they are more likely to mutate than double-stranded DNA to produce new viruses, which is why the national vaccines for NIVs are always updated.

What are the symptoms of Neocoronavirus infection?

1. Attack on the lungs

After entering cells, the new coronavirus keeps replicating and invading new cells. Some patients have no symptoms at first, while others have sore throat, cough, high fever, loss of smell and taste, and aching limbs.

The virus attacks the lungs along the trachea and expands at the end to form alveoli, through which oxygen normally passes into the capillaries and is transported to other tissues of the body, and dead cells and pus appear in the lungs, leading to lung failure.

2. Eye symptoms

The virus may also survive and multiply in the eye, leading to viral conjunctivitis, which usually manifests as eye pain, eye itching, foreign body sensation, tearing, increased eye discharge, and conjunctival congestion and conjunctival edema.

3. Neurological symptoms

As the disease progresses, neurological symptoms may be associated with the new coronavirus infection, usually consisting of impaired consciousness, confusion or altered mental status, arousal disturbances, and myoclonus.

Loss of sense of smell or taste

If you feel that some food tastes significantly different than before, or if there is no taste, or if you cannot smell for several weeks, it may also be caused by the new coronavirus infection.

Loss of taste or smell occurs in about 60% of patients who are positive for neocoronavirus and is more common in mild cases.

5. Fever

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of neo-coronavirus, and a daily necessity during an epidemic is the taking of body temperature. However, it can be easily confused with the symptoms of a cold and fever, and most measurements are made with an electronic thermometer, which also has limitations. The most accurate part of the body temperature measurement is the armpit, which is also the closest to the human body temperature.

However, not all coronavirus patients are febrile, and it must be clear whether the fever is caused by the cold or the virus.

The global new coronary epidemic will end in approximately what way? Expert analysis: there may be three endings

The first ending: the virus will stop spreading on its own after a certain size of infection

It is clear from China's achievements in this outbreak that we have found interventions that can effectively stop the spread of the virus, and countries are now learning from China in droves.

If the virus is allowed to spread through the population and almost everyone is infected, the body's immune system will produce an organism that can compete with the virus, whether accepted or not, and passive herd immunity will occur as the virus continues to infect people out of control.

The second ending: the new crown and human coexist

We have neither complete control of the virus nor a way to completely prevent the spread of the virus. The new coronavirus, like other viruses, coexists with humans for a long time, and the new coronavirus is likely to appear wherever humans exist.

Of course it is unknown whether the virus will mutate over time and whether the human immune system will be able to strengthen its immunity to the virus, which is only a speculation at this stage.

Third endpoint: Neocrown pneumonia becomes an endemic disease

David Hayman, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, believes that NCP is becoming an "endemic" and will remain so for some time - just like other coronaviruses, "the four coronaviruses have developed into 'endemic' diseases.

According to Hachette, influenza is an "endemic disease" and influenza viruses evolve over time, causing epidemics every year, and in the long run, the new coronaviruses will behave more like influenza viruses, which will continue to spread and evolve.

Immunity - is the best doctor for human beings, how to improve it

1. Vaccination

When the human body is vaccinated, it has antibodies that can fight against diseases. It can both prevent some infectious diseases and enhance the body's ability to cope with certain diseases.

Therefore, in the face of the new crown epidemic, vaccination as scheduled can gain immunity against the new crown virus and also build up an immune barrier in the population.

2. Proper diet

Protein is an important nutrient to boost immunity, and since the digestive function of the elderly is reduced, high priority must be given to the intake of high-quality protein.

Three meals a day, calories, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and protein should be consumed, not to be partial, and the ingredients must be as rich as possible.

3. Ensure sleep

Sleep is the best way to maintain the body's immune system, after all, if you stay up late or do not sleep for a long time will lead to damage to their immune system. This will make the body's immune function decline, causing the body to lose balance in various substances, for human health is a certain harm.

Therefore, we must maintain a good sleep, only so that their immune system becomes more powerful, so that everyone's body becomes more stronger.

4. adhere to exercise

Want to enhance the resistance of the most critical is to actively exercise, through sufficient exercise this way can promote the body's circulation, metabolism.

In addition, in the case of sufficient exercise can control weight, maintain the stability of the body indicators, endocrine is also regulated in the process of exercise, the body's immune cell function is enhanced to help. By having about half an hour of aerobic exercise time every day can substantially enhance a person's resistance.

5. Do not smoke and drink

When smoking the human blood vessels are prone to spasm, the local organs blood supply is reduced, the supply of nutrients and oxygen is reduced, especially the respiratory mucosa is not supplied with oxygen and oxygen, the ability to resist disease will be reduced. Alcohol abuse will also reduce the immunity of the body.

6. Maintain an optimistic mood

As the saying goes, a smile is ten years less, adhere to the smile, keep optimistic mood, for the immune system is also a great help.

Studies have shown that people who often smile, the number of antibodies and immune cells in the blood and saliva to engage in than ordinary people, good mood, but also help to relieve fatigue, so that your immunity is enhanced, immunity is strong, a long and healthy life is not far from you.


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