Efficiency is so important for business. Nobody would want to pay for something and later regret it. Usually, when this occurs, you're often left wondering whether it would have been better if you had explored your decision a little more. Being able to create, collaborate and communicate seamlessly makes any organization more successful. Having access to advance and productivity tools that enable right people to do their jobs more effortlessly - and from anywhere - makes organizations agile and lets them race in their niche. Office 365 is Microsoft's best productivity collection with tools like Word, Excel, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams and many more for your business. Because Office 365 is the full-featured cloud-based product that can be experienced and accessed from anywhere, on any device, as long as you are online.
Here are some of the best features of Office 365 that every business must know.

•    Access Your Files Anywhere
•    Highly Secure Cloud Storage
•    Improved Communication
•    Conventional spend
•    Better Business Continuity
•    Automatic upgrades
•    Centralized Collaboration
In this highly competitive digital age every business wants to a solution that can streamline business processes and enable business growth. Also, every business aims to get a cost-effective solution, especially when it comes to spending on software licenses . We all know that one of the major softwares that is used in businesses today is Microsoft Office 365. The cost for a basic Microsoft 365 user license is $6 per user per month, with the premium license going for $22. If your business operation demands several users, then this can be a significant amount that can considerably impact your licensing budget. While going for Office 365 licensing, one way to reduce cost is through optimizing your software spending.

Now the question is, how to save money by optimizing office 365 licensing:
Always remember, you do not have to compromise O365 values in your company while reducing your overall cost. Your team or software partner should endorse strategy that guarantees best productivity even with optimized Office 365. Here are some of the best tips you can use to optimize your O365 licensing and cut down on your IT costs:

•    Educate your resources about office 365
•    Buy licenses precise to every employee's role and responsibilities
•    Manage licensing process for employees' departure
•    Build a license recovery and cleanup policy
•    Organize your company Office 365 users and permissions
•    Manage your office 365 cost with total computer solutions
In addition to above pointers, there are many other ways to optimize your O365 licensing so you can cut down on your IT licensing cost. You can optimise your licensing spend using your in-house IT team or have an external IT service provider review and consult your current licensing policies. This is the main reason why you should talk to Microsoft Partner for Buying O365 License. All you need to do is discover a proficient team that has established themselves in the IT industry and has a reputation for providing the best quality services.

Here are the top benefits your business can grab if you hire a Microsoft Partner for Buying O365 License:

Better productivity- With a Microsoft Partner you can get better productivity and lessen your IT burden with innovative Office applications, intelligent cloud services and world-class security for your business.

O365 Optimization- Microsoft Partner knows well about 365 licensing inside out, and has the knowledge of working with many other organizations that may have similar requirements to yours. Flexible billing- A Microsoft Partner will bill you for your cloud utilization only.

Cost savings - If you prefer to go the Microsoft Partner direction, it unlocks opportunities to get discounts. This is a big win against paying direct.

Licensing expertise - Microsoft partner will look after all your Microsoft 365 licenses, you can draw on the best expertise and skills to make the most of the profits from your technology investment.

IT support - If you have an EA, then you have to purchase support straight from Microsoft. But, if you partner with an expert team, then they become your 1st and 2nd line point of contact for the service, and already have a built-in escalation agreement to Microsoft for extra support, at no cost to your business.
Time Saving- Microsoft dynamics 365 erp system  know well what to do and when to do, what to choose and what not to. By finding the right partner, you can save time and effort to reach your goal.

Give your business the wings to fly by choosing the right Microsoft partner who can offer solutions that best meets your business needs. We, at Peritos, are a team of expert and dynamic professionals who can help you to decide which Office 365 plan is right for your business. Do you have questions about Office 365, Microsoft 365, or other Microsoft solutions? Our experts would love to talk with you. Call us today for a free consultation.