We can see that Classic is extremely popular from the WOW Classic Goldphenomenon that WoW subscriptions and the number of paying users have doubled. The 2019 Blizzard' fourth quarter report pointed out that after the launch of Classic in mid-2019, more and more players choose to pay for a month or longer, which has doubled year-on-year.

Comparing the Classic and Retail, the reason why community retail players choose Classic is that they simply complain about the difficulty of the game, but they do nothing. Before I saw the complaint, I might not care about the truth of this matter. But seriously, I also have some complaints. Because sometimes the game is really unbearable. Finding enough tasks to upgrade yourself quickly is actually a difficult task. When the game reaches level 30 or higher, Blizzard is different from other games in that its original design is flawed.

But even so, I did not give up on this Classic WOW Gold game, even if a large number of CPU and GPU evaluation reports from November to February are contrary to my test. There are many excellent games in WoW Classic, which is why it can attract thousands of players, and it is completely understandable. But, seriously, I probably shouldn't rely entirely on these arguments. For the game, it does have powerful elements now, but no one can guarantee the future, and players cannot guarantee that they will not pin their enthusiasm on other content.

Anyway, for me, the most practical issue I consider for WoW Classic is how the project develops and its development direction. Blizzard will continue to update WoW Classic' content, but what we must know is that all good things have an end.

 I can fully imagine Blizzard’s development route. A specific reason is that because of the irreversibility of time, he can allow the company to look at and evaluate the “hypothetical” scenario from the timetable again. The development of the world of Azeroth is also different from the past. different. It's like the Draenei never crashed in Azeroth, but it couldn't stop Arthas from appearing.Do you want a better gaming experience in the World of Warcraft game? Here, MMOWTS can provide us with good game equipment. Players will choose to buy classic WOW coins in MMOWTS. The price is cheap here, and the service will make you praise.