Before hiring developers for a startup, make sure you follow the checklist:

• Define your business goals and be ready to communicate them: First, identify the problem you want to solve with your initial MVP, as you will need to explain this problem when you need to hire offshore developers. Next, determine your product's primary goal to be met, break it down into smaller, measurable milestones, and set approximate deadlines for those milestones.

• Assess the skills for the project: First, identify the technology stacks, expertise, and skills you need for your project. Next, define what roles you need for the project. For example, do you only need the developers, PMs, QAs, or business analysts?

• Plan the budget: Budget is often a trap for any startup, so you need to plan it down to the last penny. Define the amount of your initial capital and the areas where you can save money, leaving only the most important ones. Find the investors you will be showing your MVP to beforehand.