Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is designed to have lower dependence on implementation. Additionally, you can use it as a platform to develop application development. Java is an efficient and reliable programming language. Additionally, it is among the top secure languages with the best Java features. This language was initially launched at the end of 1995 in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. It is a great tool to develop your projects. Additionally, you can mix Java with other applications that are innovative. Many websites can't function without Java. Developers are learning Java to develop the best solutions for business.

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Top Java Features:

Let's talk about Java's capabilities to learn about the language in greater detail.


Record is among the most popular Java features. Additionally, it's unique in its the ability to write a short syntax. Records can be used as a way to create classes. The record class in Java can be useful for storing records that are generated by a database query or service calls. Additionally, it frees us from typing and offers an efficient method for creating the structure of data.


This module is a fresh Java feature. It is also an approach where you can utilize Java as an application. The module is accessible in modular JAR file that is made up of several packages. The feature also lets developers break up parts into smaller modules. Through this technology, your application will have a smaller memory footprint. Therefore, you will be able to use the device with less memory.

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Sealed Classes:

The sealed class feature provides greater power over Java. It is among the most popular Java features that helps define which classes can extend other classes. In addition, you'll be capable of extending or sealing an interface.

Var Keyword:

The variable word is probably the most frequently used feature in Java. The developers must define the data type prior to using the word var. But, the data type can be any type of data that has these characteristics. So, you don't need to select the type of data.


Java is a secure language which guarantees that memory locations are protected by the application. Furthermore, the language includes modifications to verify memory access. Bytecodes in the Java verifier checks code blocks. Additionally, programmers are not able to create pointers without authorization.

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Java is Distributed

Java is also known as an open language. Java programs running on one computer are able to easily access resources(files and Java objects) of another machine via the networks or the internet. Java offers class libraries to provide the highest level of support for networking. Java's remote method invocation(RMI) API's enable Java applications to call methods of remote objects in Java like they are local objects. Also, similar or different applications that run on the same JVM on different computers can collaborate with each other in sharing information over the internet. RMI along with EJB are typically used to implement distributed programming.

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Java is Multithreaded

Java can be described as a programming language that is multithreaded. Multithreaded programming is where two (or more) elements of a programmer's program may run simultaneously in a computer. This means that the same program could perform two or more tasks at once. Each component of the program is referred to as"a thread" and each thread has with a distinct path to execution. Multithreading is a particular type of multitasking. For instance, in multithreaded software, you are able to read a file within one thread while writing to a different file using an another thread at the same time.