Waterhog Mats, for many different reasons, are the best entry mats currently on the market. You can find them in many different colours, sizes, and designs, but they all share the same fundamental characteristics. The mats are created by mould.

Waterhog Mats are unique in that they can be used on different surfaces. You can also choose from matching colours of rubber borders or black rubber borders to give your mat a more industrial appearance. Waterhog Mats are capable of holding up to 1.5 Gallons of water per square meter without leaking below. That's quite a bit of water. These mats are available in any size and can be customized cut at no additional charge.

Five Important Factors You Should Know About Waterhog Mats

Waterhog is a well-known brand in the matting business. Waterhog mats are a popular choice among commercial and residential customers. Waterhog mats can be bought in a wide range of designs. Waterhog entry or entry mats may be bought and installed at your entrance. There are many colours available for these mats. These mats have a primary purpose: to remove dirt, mud, and other debris from people's shoes when they enter the house from the outside. Waterhog interior mats are also available, which can be used in any room. These mats offer a variety of design options, as well as preserving the flooring. This makes the whole area feel more inviting and comfortable. The Water hog’s exterior mast may be installed anywhere, even on sidewalks or stairways. These outdoor mats may be heated to melt snow that has accumulated in winter.

They Can Be Made From Thermoplastic Polymers

Waterhog floor mats consist mainly of heavy-duty, thermoplastic polymers. Polyethene may be used in some cases, while polypropylene is the preferred material for others. These are two kinds of plastic polymers that are most common around the globe. They are both extremely durable and tenacious. The thermoplastic polymers we are discussing here are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Waterhog floor mats made from polypropylene are resistant to ultraviolet light and can be completely recycled.

They Are Covered In A Thick Layer O Rubber At The Rear

Waterhog floor mats come in a majority with a reinforced rubber bi-level backing. It is weatherproof and resistant to curling. Be sure to choose the correct backing for your flooring. Hard floor backings like vinyl, asphalt and concrete are cleated. However, backings for carpeted floors can be smooth. This rule does not apply to carpeted floors. Waterhog floor mats include an Anchor Safe backing that allows for exceptional movement control in high-risk zones.

A Border Featuring The Theme Of Water Dams Should Be Unique

Waterhog mats stand out from all other products because they can hold 1.5 gallons of water per square foot due to their unique "water dam border". This mat can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard in rain, snow, hail or sleet. Water and dirt cannot accumulate on the mat due to this boundary.

They Are Very Efficient In Their Use

Waterhog floor mats can be a great way to maintain the cleanliness of your floors. These mats include all of the characteristics of yoga mats as well as some other unique features. Waterhog mats can be used to remove dirt, filth and wetness from your footwear. These mats are also great for protecting the floor from slippage on slippery surfaces. The backing gives the mat traction and prevents you from slipping or falling. Waterhog floor mats can be found in a variety of styles, including anti-fatigue and warming options.

Options Galore

Waterhog mats can be found in many different sizes and many different colours. As long as it meets your matting requirements, you can choose any type of mat. A customized Waterhog mat can also be made with your company logo printed on its front. There are many choices.