In order to support the mission of our dear Prime Minister’s of Swachh Bharat, Vatson Industries, as a company, has launched its personnel mission to provide robust and clean modular public toilets. The idea behind providing clean modular public toilets is to stop letting the rural people defecate in the open and showing them a way towards cleanliness. Before the swachh bharat mission, there were many people, especially women in India which due to lack of proper sanitation facilities, were forced to go outdoors, making them vulnerable or prone to unwanted diseases. According to a report by Unilever on the subject of Sanitation and Hygiene for Women and Girls’,


“1 in 3 women face the risks of shame, disease and harassment due to the lack of proper and safe sanitation facilities”


Doesn’t it sound pathetic, but understanding the need and the noble cause behind the Government programme, Vatson as company opened its doors towards manufacturing cleaner modular public toilets for the welfare of the society.


But, don’t you want to know the benefits behind providing these basic human need mechanisms? Let us explain:


Firstly, these modular public toilets are not only faster to be constructed but also are easy to install regardless of which mountain one is living.


Secondly, these modular public toilets are designed not only for normal looking individuals but also customizable for people with special needs (Disability)


Thirdly, promote a sustainable environment, how? Because they are designed in such a way that the usage of water is very less and most importantly the product is made up of recyclable materials which is beneficial for the environment.


Last but not the least beauty lies within its easy to maintain mechanism with less use of water and customizable behavior, why? Because as we know in rural India, there is still a shortage of water or electricity supply and understanding that, Vatson’s modular public toilets are best suited for such an environment.


Vatson as a company being established since 1994, has always made sure to step in the direction of sustainable means of living and manufacture products accordingly and therefore has taken a one more step forward towards a better future in India.


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