An egg tray production line includes a variety of systems or sections together with a pumping system, a molding system along with a drying section. Various gear is required as a way to complete an egg tray production line. A number of the equipment that is required for this particular production line include vacuum pumps, air compressors, burners, pressing machines and other things like this. In short, an automated egg tray line has many machines as well as other components and all of these things need to are employed in tandem in order to make good quality paper pulp products(máquina para hacer bandejas de huevos).

Pulping Section

The pulping section can be used for preparing the pulp that will be molded and dried into egg trays or some other products. A variety of machines are employed in this section including a mixer, vibrator as well as other such things that have to bring the pulp for the required consistency. The caliber of pulp plays a big role inside the overall expertise of the final product.

A variety of chemicals can also be required to be added towards the pulp to help make it ready for the molding section. In a nutshell, this section is mainly responsible for preparation of pulp that is going to be molded into egg trays along with other such products. Here, a number of machines can be used as getting rid of impurities from the raw materials and after that, water and other chemicals are added to bring the pulp towards the required consistency.

Molding Section

This is basically the portion of the production line the location where the prepared pulp is molded into different shapes. A variety of molds can be utilized here. As an illustration, if you are intending to help make egg trays, you can utilize molds that are designed to make egg trays however in such production lines, many different kinds of molds are utilized to make lots of different types of products. You could make apple trays, fruit trays and various other such products.

Drying Section

Since the name implies, this is the section where molded items are dried. If you want sun drying, you need to simply keep your final products in open space(máquina para fabricar cubetas de huevos). The item must be completely dry prior to it being packaged and shipped. However, in case you have a huge capacity plant, the sun drying method isn't gonna work to the production capacity you possess. You need to purchase a specific drying section. This drying section usually involves a drying tunnel where moisture is actively taken from the very last product. A number of drying ovens are you can purchase today and you may pick one based on capacity in addition to type.

Other Accessories

Within an automated line, the end of the production line features a counting device where the trays are counted and packaged in a box. This is also in which the goods are reshaped in the event that they require a flat appearance.


Overall, an egg tray production line has a variety of components. Each one of these components should work in tandem to be able to produce high-quality egg trays. This is why, it is suggested to get the production line from your reputed manufacturer with an excellent reputation in the market for quality of the products.