Since COVID, more lifestyles have adapted to more virtual settings. More people now work from home, take online classes, and attend video appointments. Two of the oldest fields, medical and legal practitioners, have adopted virtual processes. Jonathan Jacobs is a Florida Uncontested Divorce Attorney. Dissolving a marriage amicably is primarily done remotely. Being able to engage in virtual environments saves money and time. You do not have to drive to meet with your divorce lawyer Wesley Chapel FL. Attorney Jonathan Jacobs has vast experience and knowledge in Florida family law. With a background in tech, he stays up to date on advancements. Hiring Jacobs as your uncontested divorce lawyer Wesley Chapel FL delivers convenience. Attorney Jacobs makes the digital experience more human as he advocates for you. Call 407–335–8113 to speak with someone and schedule your consultation today. Many meetings today with uncontested divorce lawyer Wesley Chapel are conducted virtually. Attorney Jacobs uses Zoom, Facetime, Teams, and Google Duo. Advances in technology allow for screen sharing, e-signatures, and PDF forms. Working with Jacobs, an uncontested divorce lawyer Wesley Chapel FL is simple. The entire marriage dissolution process is accessible and straightforward. You no longer have to burn fuel driving to pick up and sign uncontested divorce papers. With the price of gas and everything else these days, virtual environments are a win. Jonathan Jacobs, Uncontested Divorce Attorney Florida also e-files the documents. Being in a unique location in Florida, this Tampa Bay suburb is located in two counties. Based on where you reside, choose to file in Pasco or Hillsborough County. Your uncontested divorce attorney Wesley Chapel FL will explain the process. Book a consultation with Jonathan Jacobs Esq. by dialling 407–335–8113. Wesley Chapel FL is officially in Pasco County and boasts the largest population. The town was never incorporated as a city and is primarily residential. Attorney Jacobs takes his kayak and heads to Hillsborough River State Park. When he really wants to make a splash, he goes to Epperson Lagoon. Set up a time to discuss your case with Jacobs, uncontested divorce lawyer Wesley Chapel FL. Please phone 407–335–8113 to schedule a consultation in Pasco or Hillsborough County. Both spouses are required to attend a hearing together to finalize the process. Jonathan Jacobs, uncontested divorce lawyer Wesley Chapel FL keeps you updated. Hillsborough County offers virtual hearings, but a judge makes that decision. (Reference- Attorney Jacobs will discuss the possibility of using Zoom to finalize a divorce. Pasco County requires an in-person court appearance. Dial 407–335–8113 to meet with a knowledgeable uncontested divorce lawyer Wesley Chapel FL. Attorney Jacobs has a passion for people and the law.