The Format Of the ACS RPL Report Are you an ICT professional without ICT qualifications with a wish to work in Australia? If yes, then you should use the ACS RPL pathway. Two kinds of candidates can use this pathway.

The first is those with six years of work experience if not having ICT qualifications. The other one is those with eight years of work experience without even a tertiary qualification.

However, before you write this report, you must know its format. Therefore, we have written this blog to give you a clear idea format of an RPL report for ACS assessment. Besides that, we will also tell you about the points you need to take into account when writing your report. RPL ACS report format: You can find the ACS RPL Project Report Form on the ACS website. This form requires you to put in the details of your project. This form has two parts that you need to submit, as given below:
Section 1: The Key Areas of Knowledge: Here, you need to detail your degrees and job experience, as well as illustrate that you have the required skills. Aside from that, there are two subtopics in this section: • Essential ICT Knowledge • General ICT Knowledge Section 2: The RPL Project Report: Your ACS RPL project report summarizes the projects you were involved in and shows off your skills as an ICT professional. Every project must be completed by an expert in ICT. The RPL project report is for the demonstration of your understanding of the subject area given in Section
1. Australian Computer Society needs two copies of the RPL project report: one from the past three years and the second one before the last five years. Key considerations when writing an RPL report: You must take the following points into account when you write your report: Your ACS RPL report must have authentic information for its validity. The assessment authority, ACS doesn’t tolerate even a minor trace of plagiarism. If your report has redundant or duplicate information from online sources, it will face rejection. If the overall professional experience is not enough to meet the ACS eligibility criteria, your report will definitely be rejected and regarded as inappropriate. As told by ACS, you must develop an in-depth job description addressing all of the relevant information. If having any confusion or doubts, don’t forget to take the RPL report reviewing help If you are looking for more information regarding the ACS RPL application feel free to contact us.