Runelite HD is a mod OSRS gold (made through the means of one character one character,) that incorporates Old School RuneScape and offers it an HD makeover. Much further as in the year 2018 Jagex was issuing jail threats to mods like this, claiming that they had copiedright violations. The threats, however, appeared to have gone out of the window in the wake of Jagex allowed the exclusive Runelite.

In advance of this week just a few hours prior to when the latest Runelite HD turned into due for a professional launch the 117 group was contacted through Jagex insisting that artwork stop and that the release be delayed. However, this time it's not fully subject to copyright claims, but due to the fact Jagex declares they're constructing their own HD improvement.

Even though it sounds very honest at first, it's actually a massive hassle. Runelite HD doesn't truly appear to interfere with any Jagex modifications, and the agency says there are new ideas that reveal the truth Runelite HD does truly damage its ideas will be announced subsequent week.

Mod author 117 states that they tried to work with buy RS gold, even providing the option of delaying their mod once Jagex was finished and launched their own initiatives, but "they declined outright," reputedly spelling the end of a contest that consumed "about over 2000 hours of labor over the course of a few years."