Sai lets Pakhi know that a lady doesn't care either way if somebody cherishes her better half however cares either way if somebody adores her significant other, Dramanice they need to calmly liberate themselves from the enclosure of past and leave. She wishes Viratt and Pakhi a blissful wedded life and offers them sacred leaf. Pakhi broadens her hand. Sai says the two of them ought to take it sa its propitious for a hitched couple. Virat and Pakhi together get a leaf from her. Following a couple of moments, Sai finishes Vinayak's activities. Vinayak says he needs to invest some energy with Savi. Savi says she will deal with herself and Vinayak and takes him to her room. Sai tells Usha that Savi is looking for trouble. Usha gets some information about kids. Sai tells her that her internet based interview will begin now, so she would rather not be upset until it wraps up.

Savi lets Vinayak know that he might track down his genuine guardians at a dussehra mela. He consents to go with her. She composes a note for Sai that she and Vinayak will track down Vinayak's genuine guardians and takes Vinayak along. Dramacool Pakhi gets back to get Vinayak. Usha doesn't track down kids in room and gets strained. She meddles Sai's meeting and illuminates her. Sai leaves the in the middle between. Questioner inquires as to whether she is certain she needs to cease the meeting as she may not find a new line of work. Sai concurs and says her girl and her companion are missing from home, so she wants to proceed to look through them.

Vinayak gets worn out strolling and inquires as to whether she is certain he will track down his genuine guardians in dussehra mela. She says and goes to get an auto. A speeding truck heads towards her. Vinayak pulls her away on time and saves her. They then sheets an auto for dussehra maidan. Driver inquires as to whether they are separated from everyone else. Savi says OK. Vinayak instructs her that they ought to uncover their mystery to outsiders. Savi giggles and says their folks are holding up at the maidan, she was simply kidding. Sai with Pakhi checks Savi's room and finds Savi's note that she and Vinayak will track down Vinayak's folks. The two of them alarm.

Virat is occupied with his group arranging city's security dussehra celebration when Pakhi calls him and illuminates him about Savi and Vinayak venturing out from home to look for Vinayak's genuine guardians. KissAsian 
Virat blows up and asks what's happening with Sai. Pakhi says Sai was occupied when youngsters ventured out from home. Virat requests that his subordinate Kadam track Vinu's versatile area and illuminate him. He requests that Pakhi arrive at the spot once he affirms area. Driver heasds Savi and Vinayak towards police headquarters and dussehra mela is a perilous spot. The two of them get strained. Driver arrives at police headquarters and requests that they proceed to meet police who will drop them to their folks.

Kadam sees versatile area outside police headquarters and illuminates Virat. Virat illuminates Pakhi and heads back towards police headquarters. Driver sees kids previously left and failed to remember their versatile. He gives up portable to police. Virat arrives at there followed by Pakhi and Savi. Driver illuminates them that children were making a trip to a dussehra mela at a recreation area to look for their folks. Pakhi gets strained figuring how might they track down kids in such a major mela. Sai says let us go there first and afterward choose. Vinayak requests that Savi call him dada/senior sibling from hereon as he is senior to her. Savi concurs. Vinayak acknowledges he failed to remember his portable in police headquarters and figures how might they reach mela now. They notice a strict gathering and follow them.

Bhavani with her group heads towards mela and curses Savi for conditioning Vinayak to look for his genuine guardians. Ninad requests that she quit reviling a little honest youngster as Vinayak not entirely set in stone to find his genuine guardians, they ought to laud Savi rather for putting her life in danger and aiding Vinayak. Bhavani keeps on reviling Savi.