Interior design emphasizes the need of choosing wall colour, flooring, furniture, fabric and other objects in such a manner so as to create an ambiance and a cohesive theme. When focusing on such elements, floors require extra attention as they are one of the largest elements in any interior, be it commercial or residential space that cannot be changed as easily. Among the flooring styles, dark high gloss wood flooring has been trending in the interior decoration space lately but these dark wood floors require a specific design theme and setup to be used or they can very easily make a space look small, cluttered and dingy. This is why it is essential to understand the ins and outs of what one must consider before buying dark wood floors to avoid miscalculations later on. That said, we discuss four things to consider before buying dark wood floors.

1. Texture

Texture is one of the most vital aspects of choosing dark wood floors. It is instrumental in improving the personality of the flooring. There are numerous textures available, ranging from clean and smooth to distressed to sawn in dark wood flooring. It is advisable to choose a texture based on how the space will be used and the overall theme.

2. Surface Finish

Surface finish is another important factor to be considered before buying dark wood floors. This is a protective coating for wooden floors. Oiled finishes highlight the natural appearance of the floor, while lacquer (gloss and matte) provide a long-lasting and seamless coating to increase the longevity of the floor. Dark or Black high gloss wood flooring are great for making a statement, while dark brown matte wood floors work well with grey, tan and cream wall colours. When searching for dark wood floors, consider the brand that provides a complete range of wooden flooring solutions.

3. Composition

In modern-day interior designing, there has been a shift in the use from real hardwood to engineered real wood floors.  Engineered real wood floors are composed of three layers - a balancing layer at the bottom, a stabilizing core in the middle, and the top real hardwood layer. They make for a cost-effective, more affordable and low maintenance option when compared to hardwood floors. Additionally, dark wood floors may reflect more dust and therefore, they should be easy to clean to maintain their sheen. So low-maintenance engineered wood floors are a great sustainable option when searching for dark wood floors. 

4. Brand

When it comes to choosing a brand for dark wood floors, it is always advisable to go for the one that is known in the market for offering premium quality real wood floors. Ideally, a brand should provide a wide range of dark wood floor grain and style options to choose from, that are aesthetically alluring and exceptionally durable. Look for brands that offer varied finish options including matte, textured as well as high gloss engineered flooring options.


Installing dark wood floors involves several intricacies such as setting up a suitable theme of the interior, and carefully choosing the floor type, and surface finish. When considering buying dark wood floors for your commercial or residential space, contact a leading brand that offers high-quality wooden floors that require minimal upkeep.