Jewelry Trivia You Didn't Know

We all like to wear jewelry and have a certain understanding of jewelry. But I'm going to introduce some jewelry trivia you may not know, let's understand.


Crystal powder

The value of pink must be based on the fact that the crystal is relatively clean. If the crystal is clean, the more colorful the pink is, the higher its value will be.



It is not possible to directly judge the authenticity of amber wax by simply floating on salt water, burning needles, smelling incense, and internal texture, because many imitation products, especially corba resin, these methods are almost impossible to distinguish them.


HeTian jade

HeTian jade is not only produced in Xinjiang Hotan, Qinghai, Russia, South Korea and Liaoning.


Ivory ornaments

If ivory ornaments are not maintained and continuously exposed to the air, cracks are bound to occur, especially in the dry environment of the north. If there are no cracks under this precondition, the ivory you buy may be fake.


Day bead

There are only new and old beads, and theoretically there is no difference between true and false beads. All beads are made of only two materials, one is glass, the second is agate.


Have you learned? What other trivia do you know about jewelry? Please fill in the comment section. If you are interested in wholesale jewelry sold by the kilogram, it is better to find out through Jewelrykg.

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