The electricity meter records the amount of electricity you use at home and is used to calculate the amount of electricity you need to pay for the electricity consumed by your appliances. Electricity meters are usually accurate and can be tested by your e-commerce company. However, if you find that the increase in electricity consumption has exceeded expectations, it is very simple to test the accuracy of the meter yourself before calling an e-commerce company.

step 1
Choose appliances that consume constant and reasonable power so that you can test the accuracy of the meter. Fan heaters or other electric heaters are ideal. Turn the thermostat to the highest setting.

Step 2
Read the label on the selected device to determine the wattage used. For example, an electric heater may consume 2,000 watts per hour at the highest setting, which corresponds to the way your electric meter measures electricity when paying for electricity on a kilowatt-hour basis. Write down the power.

Step 3
Before testing the accuracy of the meter, turn off all electrical appliances in your home. Check carefully whether all electrical equipment is turned off. Read the meter and note the reading next to the power you wrote down from the selected appliance.

Step 4
Turn on the selected appliance and write down exactly when it was turned on. Keep the equipment running for 30 minutes. Turn off the device.

Step 5
Read the meter reading again. Write down what you read.

Step 6
Subtract the second meter reading from the first reading. This will tell you the power consumed within 30 minutes of turning on the device. If the meter is accurate, the reading should be equal to half of the wattage you wrote on the device label. For example, if you write down 2,000 watts (equivalent to 2 kilowatts per hour), the meter reading will increase by 1,000 or 1 kilowatt, so the subtracted number is 1,000. If the values ​​differ by more than 5%, please conduct a professional test on the meter.

Step 7
Turn on appliances that you turned off, such as refrigerators and freezers.

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