The estimated CAGR of 13.8% during the projected period, the enterprise video market share is expected to reach US$ 77.32 billion by 2032, finds a recent report published by FMI. The study finds that the rising demand for enterprise video due to avoiding disruptions during video conferencing reflects the adoption of enterprise video.

Sales of enterprise video are expected to rise significantly. In addition to this, sales of enterprise video are rising, accounting for US$ 27.8 Bn by 2026. Increasing sales of enterprise video are also projected to contribute to the growth of the enterprise video market share.

Employee productivity is severely hampered by a lack of effective communication tools. Noise or low-quality footage during an enterprise video might cause misunderstandings and waste time for employees. Poor enterprise video streaming quality and disruptions during video conferencing are severely restricting worker collaboration, particularly in the COVID-19 circumstance.

Many individuals are annoyed by the poor video quality and other disruptions that occur while video streaming. According to a Cisco worldwide poll on the future of work, 98% of workers said they were frustrated during video meetings when working from home because of distractions.  Background noise—either from other participants or from their own side of the call—was mentioned as a source of two of the top five difficulties. Many suppliers of enterprise video solutions are working on sophisticated noise removal technology.

The worldwide enterprise video market is being driven by the need to increase operational efficiency and productivity. In recent years, several businesses have embraced the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Carry Your Own Device (CYOD) policies.

These technologies allow employees to engage with business data from a variety of places. These solutions complement one other since BYOD and CYOD rules and enterprise video solutions provide employees greater flexibility.  Many firms are expected to use enterprise video solutions to allow their employees to connect with one other or with clients since many have accepted the BYOD and CYOD policies. The enterprise video industry is growing due to the increasing adoption of BYOD and CYOD policies by businesses.

Manufacturers in the enterprise video market get a big platform from which to serve the whole demand for enterprise video. The worldwide sales of enterprise video are seeing increased competition. With growing competition, new competitors are offering a variety of options at reasonable pricing, fulfilling the demand for enterprise video more accessible to customers.

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