1. Shopping place
  2. Consumer demand
  3. Marketing
  • Shopping place

For the past two decades, jewelry shopping has been limited to offline stores. With the development of technology, shopping places have changed from offline to online. Driven by technologies such as e-commerce and payment, more and more consumers choose to buy jewelry online. Previously, for offline jewelry stores, service is the key. Now, online jewelry stores also need to pay high attention to the overall operation and improvement.

  • Consumer demand

In recent years, with the rapid increase in people’s income, fashion jewelry accessories have already become a necessity in people’s daily life. Especially with the rise of millennials, product individuation become the new pursuit. That is also to say, providing specialized product lines and professional-quality services is becoming increasingly important. The young generation of consumers hope that jewelry can express more emotional appeals, and they pay more attention to the fashion, personalized and youthful jewelry.

  • Marketing

Earlier, television, magazines, and newspapers have become the core position of the jewelry industry promotion. However, the adoption of the mobile Internet is speeding up and consumption of content is growing. The marketing of the wholesale jewelry industry has been profoundly changed. Social media and short video platforms, in particular, are becoming a must-win for the entire jewelry industry.

In the intensely competitive environment, the competition between companies more and more lies in the all-around strength rather than a single product or service. It is of course possible to sell wholesale jewelry as you own. However, it would be much easier for you to cooperate with someone who can help you every step of the way. If you need such a partner, you can start with Jewelrykg. They will be your best reliable friend.