1. From age and material

Under the age of 20 is a youthful, carefree age. At this time, in the choice of jewelry, you can choose simple jewelry such as crystal, silver jewelry, bracelets, etc., to enhance the vigor of young people.

20-25 years old, just entering the workplace soon, you can choose jewelry with a little texture, such as silver jewelry, 18K gold or broken gem jewelry, which shows respect for the workplace and can also create a personal style;

26-35 years old, already have a certain life experience, should choose high-quality jewelry, such as 18K gold, 3D hard gold, inlaid jewelry, to show personal taste;

Over 35 years old, it is suitable to choose more valuable jewelry, such as jade, ruby and other precious jewelry and jade, just right to enhance personal charm.

2. From the perspective of personal temperament

From the perspective of the wearer's temperament, it includes personal dressing style, body shape, face shape and so on.

Women with a quiet temperament can wear jewelry with exquisite designs; women with a cheerful personality can wear more personalized jewelry; if they are plump and round, they can wear jewelry with elegant designs; if they are small and slender, they need to wear exquisite jewelry ...

3. From the perspective of style

From the perspective of style, because most of the jewelry is tailored for women, they have more choices and can choose jewelry according to their own preferences. Men generally choose some simple and tough jewelry, which should not be worn too much. Depending on what you wear that day, you can choose different jewelry to better match the style of your outfit. Commuter clothes can be paired with some lighter jewelry to complement the icing on the cake. Gorgeous evening dresses obviously need full-bodied jewelry to set off

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