Crystal jewelry is very popular with everyone. The crystal is crystal clear, and the reflected shining light makes many people who buy jewelry stop, and they can't help but sigh that there is such a special jewelry. But do you know how to identify crystals? Next, let me introduce you how to identify crystals. I hope you will remember the identification tips introduced next, don't forget them.

1. Impurities

There are catkin-like impurities inside the real crystal, and the inside of the fake crystal is crystal clear. The real crystal is naturally formed, and will be affected by the environment during its growth process. There are many catkin-like substances in the interior, and the interior of the fake crystal is generally crystal clear, or contains a small amount of air bubbles.

2. Gloss

Luster, the real crystal is vitreous, the luster of the fake crystal is dull and the surface is relatively dry, and most of the surface of the real crystal shows a relatively rigid vitreous luster, no matter from which angle it is observed, it can show obvious. Shiny brilliance, while fake crystal does not have this, the luster is duller, and the surface is relatively dry.


3. Hardness

Use a hard object to scratch, the real crystal will not leave traces, and the fake crystal will leave obvious traces. The internal structure of the real crystal is dense and hard, with high hardness. Using a relatively sharp object to scratch the surface a few times will generally not leave traces on the surface, while most fake crystals are artificially synthesized, with low hardness, and use hard crystals. When an item is scratched, it will leave a visible mark on the surface.

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