Cartridges have been a staple in the printing industry for decades. But with the rapid innovation of the technology industry, G&G has developed a new eco-friendly product - Eco-Saver!


What is Eco-Saver?


Eco-Saver is an innovative ink cartridge developed by G&G, its function can be adapted to the printing needs of daily life, and at the same time, it has high environmental benefits due to its environmentally friendly components.


Impact today


According to statistics, last year, there were more than 45 million discarded ink cartridges in my country, with a total volume of more than 400,000 cubic meters. If these discarded consumables are piled together, they can be piled up into a mountain, and if they are buried underground, they will be buried hundreds of years later. Difficult to break down. These non-degradable waste consumables not only cause amazing waste of resources but also threaten people's living environment. Therefore, it is imperative to develop "green consumables". The emergence of Eco-Saver symbolizes the huge development of "green consumables".


Why G&G insists on green development


A visit to Antarctica in 2003 prompted G&G to make emperor penguins its mascot. The changing Antarctic climate poses challenges to these creatures, but they still struggle to survive with a determined will, which is very similar to G&G's experience in the imaging industry over the years. More importantly, the emperor penguin as a mascot always reminds the environmental protection nature of G&G products.

G&G has worked over the years to reduce its product carbon footprint by continually providing customers with environmentally friendly remanufactured line alternatives and closed-loop recycling programs.




The quality of G&G's Eco-Saver is comparable to that of the original product. It has achieved success in the environmental protection ink cartridge market with high quality and excellent service and is widely praised by customers.