Not every bride wants flashy and giant diamond rings in Columbus and some are looking for rings that are unique, minimal, and elegant just like a rough diamond ring. Rough diamonds come with a lot of character and personality and are perfect for brides looking for something different.


These diamonds aren’t polished and so they catch the light at different angles and offer a low-key shimmer rather than a bright shine making them ideal for minimal brides. With this gemstone, the setting is made to suit the diamond and not the other way around.


Rough diamonds can be challenging to set. However, they look stunning and unique as an engagement ring and can easily stand out in any room.


Reasons we love rough diamond rings

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides prefer rough diamond wedding bands in Columbus is that these bands are truly one-of-a-kind and come in a range of shades like yellow, gray, and brown. This allows you to pick the gemstone that best suits your style and personality needs.


Since raw diamonds don’t shine the way polished diamonds, you can opt for a halo, pave, or solitaire setting that brings out the beauty of your gemstone or even adds a cluster of raw diamonds with smaller sapphire or ruby gemstones for a pop of color.


While a lot of work goes into setting rough diamonds, they can often be quite affordable as compared to polished diamonds making them ideal for couples on a budget.


Always head to a reliable and trusted jewelry store in Columbus that can offer you a range of beautiful pieces and certified gemstones at an affordable price.


Raw diamonds are also diamonds and so rate a tough ten on the Mohs scale making them perfect for daily wear. Some brides add their rough-cut diamond center stone to a solitaire setting with smaller white diamond side stones for a minimal and elegant appeal.


Final Thoughts

Since only a handful of jewelers hold rough diamonds, you can start looking for smaller jewelry stores that hold vintage, heirloom, and antique pieces. You can also check with your professional if these diamonds are ethical and sustainably sourced and ask to have them insured and appraised for you.


These gemstones, if cared for well, can make lovely heirloom pieces that you can pass down to your future generations.