The history of jewelry in our country can be said to be the most difficult to finish...


However, if I were to sum it up in one sentence, it would be "the history of jade can roughly cover the history of jewelry in China for thousands of years"


I remember explaining in one of my answers why we Chinese have a preference for jade in our jewelry.


Although we lack the pyramid architecture like the two river civilizations and the Egyptian civilization, our jade civilization can be traced back to tens of thousands of years. There is no doubt that Chinese jewelry cannot be made without jade.


From the early Red Mountain Culture jade pig dragon, people have long been consciously associating jade with rituals and totems. In the long history, our Chinese traditional jade has never left the subjective feeling of tending to good fortune and avoiding evil, jade is like a container in people's mind, it can encompass the bad things and even transform it into energy that is beneficial to them, thus bringing them good luck and avoiding calamities. At a later stage, people were no longer satisfied with just tending to good luck and avoiding bad luck, but wanted to wear accessories that could help them.


The symbolic meaning of colors.


The traditional Chinese five-color system regards black, red, green, white and yellow as the right colors.


Black is considered to be the color of heaven in the I Ching.

The "Heaven and Earth" originated from the mysterious black color of the northern sky that the ancients felt was visible for a long time. They believed that the North Star was the location of the Heavenly Emperor, so black was the king of all colors in ancient China, and it was also the color system with the longest monochromatic worship in the history of ancient China. The taiji diagram of ancient China, with black and white, represents the unity of yin and yang.


White has multiple meanings in the ancient Chinese concept of color.

The "five elements" say that white corresponds to gold, proving that the ancient Chinese felt that white symbolizes light and is included in the right color, indicating the essence of purity, brightness and fullness.


Red symbolizes good luck and joy in folklore


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