Simply put, gold-plating is a type of electroplating, which uses electricity to bind a thin layer of gold to the surface of another metal. Generally speaking, the gold-plated jewelry is much more affordable than the gold jewelry, however, it is also considered as the real gold. This is because, in the gold jewelry market, almost all the gold jewelry is the combination of pure gold and other metal.

Each jewelry has the own advantages and disadvantages. If you are a bulk jewelry buyer, then this is depended on your customers needs. If you want to provide cheap fashion jewelry to your customers for daily use, then purchasing bulk gold-plated jewelry is a wonderful option. Because compared with other bulk jewelry, like silver and pure gold, purchasing bulk gold-plated jewelry can be a much more cost-effective solution.

Here are some advantages and disadvantage of the gold-plated jewelry:


  • More affordable
  • A wide variety of fashion styles
  • Easy for daily wear


  • Low resale value
  • Easy to tarnish
  • Easy allergy (depended on the base metal)

You might be familiar with buying jewelry by the bulk. However, have you ever heard of buying it by the kilogram?

Compared with the traditional way of bulk buying, this is a much budget-friendly way of buying wholesale jewelry.

For buying gold-plated jewelry, just as we have mentioned before, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Actually, the gold-plated jewelry has been ever-increasing in popularity. The best way of buying bulk gold-plated jewelry for good resale, is to purchase those with high quality. Therefore, a perfect way to achieve this with low cost, is to buy jewelry by the kilo.

For example, on, you can select all the hot-selling good quality bulk gold-plated jewelry you like, no matter what kind of styles, and then all the jewelry will be calculated by weight. Generally speaking, compared with buying by the bulk, buying by the kilo will help you save up to 30%.

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