What is Jewelry?

Jewelry symbolizes power, status and how fashionable you are! It enhances the power of confidence, grace and beauty. The traditional jewelries are part of women’s culture and tradition, at the same time, to some people, it is a form of creativity and innovative expressions when it comes to handmade Jewelries.

What kinds of jewelries do women prefer to wear 

There are varieties of jewelry which are popular till date. Among them there are two main classifications:

  • Handmade jewelry

  • Machine made jewelry


  1. Handmade Jewelries
    Handmade Jewelries are exclusively created by handicraft artists who give shape to their imagination by extreme hard work and precision. They are unique and different from each other, thus one of a kind. There are a large variety of Handmade Jewelries to satisfy your desire.

  2. Machine-made Jewelries
    The Jewelries that are made by machines are called Machine-made Jewelries. The process of Making machine-made jewelry is completely different from the traditional way of making jewelry. The look and feel of the Machine-made jewelries are completely reverse.

Why Handmade Jewelry is better than Machine made jewelry?


  • Although Handmade Jewelries are more expensive than that of Machine-made Jewelries, but they are unique, durable, strong and of better quality. Handmade Jewelries are like the babies of the group of artisans who make it look absolutely a piece of new creation. Whereas the machine operators are more concerned to produce more jewelries of larger quantity in less time.

  • You can feel the difference of quality in Handmade Jewelries and quantity in Machine-made Jewelries. The personal touch makes the difference in making the Handmade Jewelry more popular.


  • Another good aspect of Handmade Jewelry is that the process of making Handmade Jewelry allows the customers to get in touch with the artisan who gives shape to the Jewelry. As a result, the customers have the option to express their design preferences directly with the needful changes of their wish. The add on advantage of Handmade Jewelry is the customer could add initials, messages to the Jewelry. In recent times customization of handmade Jewelry has made a huge ripple in the fashion industry.


  • The new era of women is more focused on their individual growth in mostly all the spheres of work. They fall for excellence in whatever they do. In order to look stylish they believe to look confident and trendy by wearing suitable handmade Jewelries. Every woman will  appreciate her unique accessories.

    What else could be desired by women!!!

    With Bengali’s biggest Celebration Durga Puja, knocking at the door you must be doing the last moment shopping. You badly need the accessories including handmade jewelries to match your exclusive attire. Shop for yourself and don’t forget to buy handmade Jewelry sets or earrings to gift your loved ones also.

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    Our collection are:

  1. Jute Jewelry

    The Jewelries made from Jute are very light and eco-friendly. We assure you that it will never cause any skin itching or skin rashes.


  1. Fabric Jewelry

    Be it Puja days or get together, wedding invitations or a birthday party, we have jewelry to meet your fashion. Being a Fabric jewelry manufacturer, we ensure that our Fabric Jewelries will surely allure you.


  1. Terracotta Jewelry
    Our collection of Terracotta jewelry is suitable for your daily wear, office wear, and perfect as a gift to someone.

  2. Dokra Jewelry
    Come, visit and bag our perfect collection of Dokra Jewelries.

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