Dark clothing is not synonymous with dullness, seriousness, and dullness. Black is a timeless color. No matter what style of black clothing, you must work hard on accessories. So what's your style in black? Let's see how to match jewelry

Jewelry matching of black clothing for business occasions

If you are wearing black clothes for commuting or business occasions, choose simple jewelry styles. The necklace and earrings should be matched as much as possible. For example, if the necklace is white gold, then the earrings should also choose white gold. The ring is gold, so the earrings can also be matched with gold

In the selection of precious metals, 18K gold is more suitable. K gold has its own texture, and K gold is jewelry containing 75% gold, which will not easily change color. In this way, the color of the jewelry can be permanently maintained, and in the black color The gloss of K gold is more advanced.

Light luxury jewelry is more suitable for black clothing with shirt type, while jewelry with a little color can bring color embellishment effect to black, so as to show more layering.

Green is a very friendly color in black clothing. Green is like the color of nature, which makes people's eyes very comfortable. Therefore, it is very good to choose green as a gemstone color when wearing jewelry in the workplace.


Pearls and black clothing are also very clever combinations. If pearls are old-fashioned, then it must be the wrong style selection. Millet beads like this are very age-reducing. In the selection of pearls, in addition to the style, the luster of the pearls is very important, because it is related to the high-level sense of jewelry, and it is also the key to choosing high-quality pearls.

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