Pavitra says Rough is Rogovinda Rajput's extraordinary grandkid when he finished her human detestable excursion. I've to stop this wedding. Pavitra is terrified. She says I need to stop this wedding. Desi Serial A dark fluid beginnings filling in. She shouts for help. Sanchit shares with Rough you have the opportunity to stopo this. It doesn't feel right. Rough says I'm fine. Vidya says you are committing a tremendous error. Pavitra was correct, I have a serious inclination. Sanchit says would you say you are certain? She says there was not tattoo on her hand, it was there she went to emergency clinic. Sudhakaar says for what reason is the lucky man not prepared? Rough says she has freaked out. She's not allowing me to prepare. She is saying Rani's tattoo has vanished. Rough says don't demolish my big day.

Water continues to record it. Pavitra shouts for help. Rough feels a sense of urgency to her voice. The fluid responds on him. He says I need to get reaady. Vidya shares with Dadu something is off-base.Desi Tashan  I realize Pavitra addressed you about it. I feel like we are doing a misstep. Do you feel the equivalent dadu? You used to caution us from these dark powers. Do you know anything? If it's not too much trouble, help me. He shakes his head. Vidya sees a sack in dustbin.

Scene 2
The water fills in. Pavitra screms for help. Rough brings his baraat moving on the melody ranjhna. Pavitra sobs for help. Rough hold Rani's hand. Pavitra is suffocating. Sanchit asks Vidya where could you have been? She says I tracked down this pack in dustbin. Sanchit says however pandit ji gave this to dadu a long time back. It is vital. Vidya says something is off-base. Pavitra shouts for help. She is suffocating.

The mantra begins. Rani's face becomes dark. Rani sees the sack in Vidya's grasp. She ponders whatis this ganga jal for. Pandit ji asks Rough and Rani to make each other wear wreaths. Shikha ties their bunches. Pavitra is suffocating. Rani requests that Pavitra handle Vidya. Sapna stops Shikha. She says where are you doing? Vidya shows what to battle with Pishachini to Sanchit. Pavitra swoons. Rani and Rough take roundss. Vidya takes out a container. Shikha asks Vidya what is this? Give it to me. Vidya says pause.. She attempts to grab them. Pandit ji expresses in next 3 rounds Rani will be in front. The ganga jal falls on Rough. Pavitra suffocates.