Rule 1: Make use of the right block


Any successful 351w stroker monster combination starts with a strong engine block, and there are a variety of possibilities available. Make sure you select the appropriate block for your application because blocks come in a broad range of layouts.


The two-deck heights offered by OEM blocks are 9.480" and 9.500".The shorter blocks were standard for '69 and '70, and the '71 and later blocks measured an extra.020 higher. A solid aftermarket block would be your best choice if you intend to produce a lot of power and torque.


Rule 2: Pick a stroker according to your need


There is a wide range of strokes available, and deciding which one to employ will depend on the engine's intended usage and the motor type it will be driven by.


Large or short stroke:

To determine the right stroke and cubic inch displacement for your vehicle's intended function (i.e., horsepower/torque-torque), you must first decide what sort of engine you want to construct.


Long strokes work well in street engines:

Long strokes are defined as 4,001 to 4,250, giving you a C.I.D. of 408 to 434 on a.030 overbore. The longer stroke cranks complement the "street" style components and offer you tonnes of bottom-end torque.


Short stroke for racers: 

You might want to restrict the amount of stroke you use for engines with higher RPMs and combinations employing power adders (blowers, turbos, nitrous). Short strokes would be between 3.750" and 4.000", maintaining your C.I.D. between 383 and 408.


Rule 3: It’s preferred to buy a kit.

The best thing about stroker kits is that they let you choose the rod lengths, pistons, and strokes you'll need to create a reliable engine for an electric motor. They spare you the hassle of having to choose the right piston and rod for the right stroke.


Which crank to buy:

A little more goes into a stroker crank than just adding a 351w stroker. You don't have to be concerned about your pistons contacting the rods or if the rods are properly bolted to the crank since a kit fits the rods with the precise crank. Strokers have counterweights and journals that are calibrated for certain connecting rod diameters.


Match the rods:

The rods are selected to fit the piston pins properly, clear the counterweights, and match the journal diameters on the crank.


Strokers use special pistons:

The kit's final significant component is a set of pistons. They feature a matching connecting rod and a precise pin height for increased stroke. Pistons that are included in kits will make sure you don't have issues with deck clearance, fit the rod correctly, and clear the crankshaft during rotation.


Save the micrometres for later:

You may avoid the headache of attempting to determine which bearings to utilise for your motorcycle's stroking system by purchasing a 351w stroker kit. The package includes appropriately matched bearings, saving you from having to pull out your measurement equipment.

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