Nobody wants to clean their homes, but everyone wants a clean home. Home cleaning takes lots of time and consumes energy, but it will be easy to make your house clean if we use some guidelines or tips for home cleaning. Here are some guide tips; follow them step by step to make your cleaning work easy. 


Clean The Whole House, Not A Room:- Most people think they will clean one room or kitchen and bathroom at a time entirely and then clean another room. If you tend to like this, you will keep cleaning the whole day, repeat the same task again and again, and keep moving in this cycle. A better solution is to repeat a task ( dusting, Vacummeing, Woping) in the whole house. 


Keep All Cleaning Tools In One Place:- You should keep your cleaning tools in one place in any bucket and tub in advance, so you do not have to waste your time in searching for any cleaning tools here and there, and don't worry about gathering them before your next go around.


Take Away All The Mess:- Before your start cleaning, you should go room to room and pick up all the mess and select which thing can be valuable for you, which object you should throw away and which one to donate.  


Dustin and Vacuuming:- Before cleaning, ensure that you have turned off all the ceiling fans. Tie a cloth on the back of the mop for dusting. It's challenging to reach or at a high measurement. Such as blind and upper shelves.


Wipe Mirror And Glasses:- first, soak the cloth in the mixture of baking soda, vinegar and water and then clean the windows and mirrors with this cloth.

Disinfect Surface Area:- Make a non-toxic disinfect solution with half white vinegar and half water, fill this solution in a spray bottle now go through the house wipe down all the hard surfaces. In addition, you should sterilize all characters that you think may transmit infection from one to the other.

Pay Attention to Toilet, Sinks, and Tubs:

  1. Spray cleaner on kitchen sinks, tubs, and toilets.
  2. Leave it for some time so that the cleaner wipes off all the stains.
  3. Start with the kitchen and first scrub the kitchen sink with a scrubber, then the tube, and lastly, clean the toilet.
  4. Make sure your dustbin is in good condition and clean in the kitchen.   


Keep Moving When You are Vacuuming:- Whenever you vacuum, you don't have to worry about every corner of the house. Just keep walking around the room. Spin the vacuum in one direction over the carpet, and after one round in the other direction, all the dust particles and garbage trapped in the carpet will come out. Also, many tasks don't need to do in every week, like windows cleaning, washing area rugs, and bath mats. 


Always Clean Your Cleaning Tools:- Keep your cleaning tools clean because your cleaning will not be as good with a dirty mop and will take more time. Therefore, you should always keep cleaning tools like mop vacuum cleaners clean.


Make Cleaning A-Team Task:- Make cleaning time fun with your family. If cleaning is done with everyone, cleaning tasks become even more accessible. Therefore, to assign a task to every member of the household. It's fun to work with everyone and doesn't take much time to clean. 

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