Full stack developers are hot properties in today’s job market. What exactly are full stack developers and how do they differ from their web development counterparts? In this guide, we’ll break down the role of full stack development and explain how these talented professionals can help your business succeed online.

The Problem with Siloed Approaches to Building Great Software

It's hard to overstate the importance of software to all aspects of society. While some people still think of software as simply a tool, the reality is that it has become an integral part of just about every aspect of how we live our lives today. Software touches almost everything we do and yet, we continue to build software using antiquated practices like building one piece at a time or focusing on one area without consideration for other areas.

The Evolution from Frontend-only, Backend-only, To Hybrid Positions

The concept of web development has evolved from full-time frontend developers, to backend devs only, to a hybrid position that includes both frontend and backend skills. The role of the modern web developer is now in high demand because of their versatility.

What is full stack development?

Full stack development is a software design methodology which means that the developer can build, deploy, maintain, and support an application from start to finish. Full stack developers are capable of handling both front-end and back-end tasks. This is different than a typical web developer who only focuses on building the front-end of an application such as the user interface.

Frontend vs backend roles

Frontend development is the designing, coding, debugging, and deployment of what a user sees when they visit your site. 
Backend development is the designing, coding, debugging, and deployment of what a user doesn't see when they visit your site. They're responsible for tasks such as data storage and retrieval.

Full stack developer job descriptions

A full stack developer is a person who has the skills to build both the front-end (client) side of an application, as well as the back-end (server) side. Full stack developers are part designer, part programmer, part marketer. The role of a full stack developer has become more important as technology becomes more complicated.

The Future of Full Stack Developer Work

As the complexity of business software has grown, it is becoming more difficult for a single programmer to be an expert in all areas. As a result, a new breed of developers has emerged. Known as hire full stack developers, these individuals are proficient in both front end and back end programming.