When we look at photos of jewelry, whether it's rings, necklaces, earrings, we see that they have a beautiful arrangement of luster, shape, and shape. What if we have to take photos of jewelry? How do we shoot, any ideas to help you take beautiful jewelry photos?


1. The macro lens takes very nice close-up photos

Macro photography requires special equipment and lenses, and the details of the jewelry are clearly shown. If the lighting and elements are beautifully arranged, the resulting photo will have a more three-dimensional feel.


2. Use the same color background as the gemstone to make the color stand out

Use a simple background or one that doesn't draw attention from anywhere else, since the most prominent thing in the photo is the jewelry, choose a background of the same color as the gem to help make the color stand out.


3. Use a black background

In addition to choosing colors to make the gem stand out, using a black background helps the image stand out and the full color of the gem can be seen, but for a photo of gold jewelry, choosing colors with high contrast will help the gold of the jewelry stand out. For example, we often see red and blue backgrounds.


4. Take pictures with reflections to add dimension to the image

The reflection will add more luster to the accessories in the image and make the image look more flawless, making the jewelry shine. As you look brighter and brighter, make your photos more attractive.


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