Whether you're buying bacon cheese at the commissary,kraft paper soup cup cup for hot soup take-out sandwiches for lunch, or sharing food at a cafe, food-safe papers are a surefire way to serve your customers food. Convenient, hygienic and stylish,printed compostable cups we've summarized the top three reasons to order food-safe papers for your restaurant or cafe.
With so many people discovering new cafes in "fast scrolling" environments like social media, you may be wondering: How does your cafe stand out from the rest of the crowd amidst the enticing dishes on social media? Wrapping up a sandwich to take away, or adding a piece of food-safe paper with your logo underneath, is a way to associate your food with your store without having to click to see where it came from, instantly associating your dish with your cafe.paper snow cone cups In addition to their shareability on social media, these food safety notes facilitate the placement of your dishes. Not to mention, the cleanup afterwards is much easier.
Imagine that you just ordered a pizza from your favorite pizza place. While the cheese and sauce on the pizza is a great treat, did you know that if the box gets stained with grease, the entire box may not be recycled? By adding a food safe paper underneath the pizza, you increase the chances of it being recycled properly when it's done.12oz paper coffee cups Together we can save the box!
If you're a restaurant or cafe, you're probably familiar with lunchtime peaks.wholesale sugarcane tray If you're handing out sandwiches of relatively the same size, cut food-safe paper can benefit your team members by allowing them to reach for a pre-cut piece of paper that you know fits the sandwich and can quickly move on to the next customer. It's also easier to store than the extra packaging you instead need (such as plastic containers), and easier than having to assemble coordinated tops and bottoms.3oz ice cream cups with lids These are also made of stronger materials for eventual shipping. When it comes to food-safe paper, choose the smallest paper for your needs, as the price per square inch will be lower.

double paper coffee cups wholesale Whether you're using them for customers dining in your café or those on the go, food safe paper is a key component to packing orders for your business.6.5oz paper cup If you need disposable food containers, don't hesitate to contact Hyde today, we offer high quality disposable food containers including biodegradable ones.