Blind boxes have a huge appeal to many people, especially to young people. In this case, the blooming model of “sold by kilo” undoubtedly conforms to the needs of the masses. Also, it’s favored by suppliers and factories especially in the wholesale markets. With curiosity, I tried to buy a jewelry blind jewelry box from the top wholesale jewelry website called Jewelrykg in China. Jewelrykg's exclusive overseas warehouse ensures timely and efficient delivery. From sorting, processing, labelling, repackaging of jewelery, Jewelrykg divides inventory into units to match overseas customers. With China's strong supply chain and network effect advantages accumulated over the years, Jewelrykg has successfully built a bridge to global jewelry wholesale buyers.


I summarize the benefits through buying jewelry sold by kilo in Jewelrykg.


1. The product line is rich and the product styles per kilo are diversified, suitable for personal use or wholesale sales.


2. All the products sold by kilo have independent packages. They are not the bulk jewelry on the market´╝îwhich does not have independent packages and are all defective products. The products sold by kilo will not affect the customer's secondary sales or gift giving.


3. The quality of the products is good. The products sold by kilo are from jewelry factories, which are sold at low prices to quickly return cash or some products have broken contracts. So the products are by no means inferior, and every product has its integrity.


4. Complete after-sales system.


5. Offer jewelry without MOQ. It's really kind to the people who need some jewelry to match different styles but not wholesale quantities.



Promote the development of the world-class blind box economy


In the past 2022, the blind box economy has gradually prevailed in the developed countries and in the developing countries. The majority of businesses have been looking for corresponding suppliers to meet their needs. jewelrykg's sale model called sold by kilo has the characteristics of various varieties, random and rich styles, which is in line with the procurement needs of the majority of blind box businesses. Thus, it has become the top three in the world and the first wholesale jewelry platform in China. In the future, jewelrykg will launch more categories of products, and strive to bring the high-quality and cost-effective products made in China to the world soon.