Jewelry is a must-have accessory for us to go out. A monotonous dress is invincible as long as it is matched with a temperament necklace. However, because the jewelry is too fragmented and oddly shaped, it is easy to lose and entangle. Then jewelry storage becomes a difficult problem, so how to store the jewelry?

Know the type of jewelry

If you want to learn how to store jewelry, first figure out what type of jewelry you have. General jewelry is mainly divided into four categories: gold and silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry, pearl jewelry and jewelry made of artificial materials. Different jewelry storage methods are also different, not directly stacked together.

Seal the bag to store the jewelry

Many people choose to buy a lot of storage boxes or storage boxes when storing jewelry, and then put the jewelry directly into the storage tool and change from stacking on the table to stacking in the storage box, which does not bring much convenience to themselves. It also does not solve the problem of jewelry wear and tear.

In fact, a relatively good way is to use a small sealed bag to store the jewelry, which not only solves the problem that the jewelry is intertwined and difficult to find, but also prevents most of the jewelry from falling out of dust and humidity to reduce the loss rate.

Longer jewelry hanging storage

Some long jewelry is placed in a sealed bag, and even if it is taken out, it is easy to be entangled, and many people untie it to


For some long necklaces and ornaments at home, it is not recommended to put them directly in a container or spread them on the table, let alone two or three piles together, not just necklaces. Such items require hanging storage methods.

However, many people choose to hang them directly on wall hooks or some small furniture, which is very convenient. However, if too many hooks are hung on one hook, they will become entangled, and they will oxidize and fall off when exposed to the outside. So I suggest that this kind of long necklace can add a cardboard or hook in the airtight bag to hang the necklace to prevent the necklace from being entangled in the bag.

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After reading the above information on how to store jewelry, you should have a general understanding of how to store the messy jewelry in your home correctly. Jewelry is stored differently. If you have other jewelry storage tips, please share them in the comments below!