Charter Flight is a non-scheduled flight which is not part of the regular airline route. Chartering an aircraft means to rent out the whole aircraft with own choice of departure and arrival location and time. They are segregated into few such as:

Private Charter- when an individual/group rents an entire aircraft (chartering) as opposed to purchasing individual seats on a commercial airline.

Single Entity - when an individual or company contracts and pays for the operation of an entire airplane.

Affinity- With an affinity charter, each passenger is a member of a specific organization, business or group.

Public Charter- A public charter comprises of when a person or company contracts for the operation of an aircraft to and from a destination and then advertises and sells seats to members of the public, either directly or through an agent.


Flight Schedules and Routings

As charter flight is not part of a scheduled service, the flight will depart as per customers preference. You will be able to choose which destination you fly to and from. Charter flights are particularly convenient when you want to travel to a city where a scheduled airline service may require multiple connections or layovers before you reach your destination.



Privacy is one of the primary advantageous features of a private charter flight. Commercial flights, where travelers are herded through a crowded airport and to undergo an intrusive security process, passengers on a charter flight depart from a private facility known as an FBO. At most private airports, passengers can pull their cars right up to the plane.