The Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) is a world-recognized IT service management (ITSM) framework that is modulated and managed by Axelos. ITIL is a service life cycle model that advocates for designated activities to be followed during the entire path of development, design, support and delivery of the IT services.

Let us now understand what are the ITIL certifications and how one can get certified in the ITIL domain? 

This paper will cover the detailed information regarding the ITIL levels and certifications so if you are interested to know. Keep following.



The ITIL certification is a professional certification that adds value to personal development. It comes with a huge amount of benefits that make it a truly sought after certification in the IT service management. It allows candidates the scope to widen their knowledge and skills associated with the IT service management. The ITIL certification is a popular certification among the professionals owing to its payback. Once you become a certified professional in the ITIL sector, you become eligible to take new opportunities in the ITIL domain. The ITIL field provides various job opportunities that remain unparalleled even today. 



The ITIL domain is divided into five categories that begin from the foundational level and stretch up to the master level certification in ITIL. 

In order to become ITIL certified a candidate must take the ITIL examination that begins from the foundation level and there are four more levels in the ITIL certification. Once a candidate completes the foundational level in the ITIL domain, he/she can go for the practitioner level. There are three other ITIL certification levels and are as follows:

  • Intermediate level
  • Expert level
  • Master level

These levels ensure your level of understanding in the ITIL domain. 



The foundational level ITIL certification deals with rendering education regarding the elementary methodologies and the techniques related to ITIL. The foundation level certification is for the beginners who would like to gain an insight into the basics of the Information technology infrastructure library.



The practitioner level certification in the ITIL domain is concerned with the application of the ITIL fundamentals in an organization. The candidates are able to adapt and adopt the ITIL framework for increasing the productivity level in an organization. It deals with the execution of what they learnt in the previous level which is the beginner’s level.



The intermediate level ITIL certification is further segregated into two categories. The first is the Service Life cycle and the other is the Service capability module. Each module consists of several other certification levels that one can take in order to get the desired skill and certification.



The Expert level certification in the ITIL can be taken by those who have successfully qualified the other preceding levels in the ITIL.



The master level certification in ITIL provides the excellence and the mastery in the application of the ITIL practices, techniques and methodologies in an actual work environment. 



Follow the steps and you are done. First and foremost you can take the training before registering for the examination. Not only will the trainer explain to you the registration process in person but the training will also enlighten you regarding the concepts and the theories related to the Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL). 

  • Begin by visiting the Prometric web page. The Prometric centres are authorized examination centres for the ITIL examination. It is sponsored by the Exim.
  • Once you are on the main page of the Prometric website, you can select the exam centre as per your preference.
  • Cancelling and rescheduling options are available once you are done selecting the centre for the examination along with the time slot and the preferred date to take the ITIL certification exam.
  • You need to create an online account in order to complete the registration process. Once your Prometric account is created you can move further with the registration process. 
  • Your registration will only be considered complete, once you make the payment against the ITIL certification examination charges.
  • After the payment is done, your booking will be confirmed and then you can visit your Prometric test centre on the day of the examination to take the certification exam.

Before booking the examination one must consider that they have done a thorough preparation that is likely to achieve the desired result to qualify the ITIL certification exam. The examination charges are not refundable and for any attempt, the candidate needs to pay the examination charges in full. So it is advised to always go for the training before booking the ITIL certificate examination. The training increases the possibility of clearing the ITIL exam in one go. For details regarding the ITIL foundation certification training process and training click on the links mentioned below: