After BlizzCon 2019, we all know the existence of Covenants, which is the next extended version of the new system of World of Warcraft. Players will choose one of the four themed factions in the mysterious place of death. After the selection, their characters will have powerful abilities. At Blizzard’s Shadowlands Summit on Wednesday, World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas provided a lot of effective information, mostly related to how players have related to new friends after choosing the "Covenant".

Each Covenant will have a progression of allies. This, without anyone else, isn't amazing; zones like Nazjatar in Battle for Azeroth permitted players to prepare protectors. Be that as it may, these new buddies in Shadowlands have old-school ability trees that harken back to the times of great World of Warcraft. Players will level these victors up and carry them into the field. Some are utility centered, others are tanks, and some emphasis totally on harm.

Players will procure Renown through endgame exercises, and this will permit them to step up their picked Covenant's Sanctum. This draws motivation from Warlords of Draneor's Garrison framework, and Legion's Order Hall. Players can include utility, similar to a transportation organize, to their Covenant's Sanctum, as they level up and gain Renown. They will likewise have the option to reestablish some portion of their Covenant's zone. For example, players can reestablish Ardenweald's timberlands, for all time transforming them from dried husks to superb, clamoring zones loaded with journeys.

Each Covenant has its own interesting and significantly extraordinary endgame action. None of these are extraordinarily legend significant or high stakes, yet they will offer an ordinary action for players to appreciate. Here are the four Sanctums that Blizzard uncovered during the present culmination.
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The large vampire party will give players a lot of opportunities to participate. This party is the gathering of the WOW Classic Gold For Sale season. Players will be on guard, players will have the opportunity to kick out party revelers and gossip, and then be a great host. Hazzikostas said that if you want to become a Venthyr, you must first attend the worst party in the Shadowlands. The more players meet, the more stolen goods you can get.