As we all know, wholesale jewelry is cheap enough, but jewelry sold by kilo is even cheaper. Perhaps many people will question, is jewelry wholesale by kilo really so cheap? Can the quality of jewelry really be guaranteed? Are there any other surprises of this new model?
In this blog, let’s take a look into this new model—sold by kilo.

What is jewelry wholesale sold by the kilo?
Briefly, jewelry sold by kilo is that jewelry is randomly placed in parcels and prices are calculated by weight, a cost-effective procurement model.
Jewelry wholesale sold by kilo is a new sale model that emerged a few years ago and is an attractive gimmick for merchants. There is no scale effect in the industry and it is not representative. Compared with jewelry retail, the profit is very low when jewelry is sold by kilo, mainly because of large sales. Most products sold by kilo are half cheaper or even 20% than retail.

Why do products sold by kilo?
· With the development of e-commerce, some products like toys are updated too quickly.

· Samples from foreign trade companies need to be replaced regularly. The styles and packaging of most products also need to be updated. Generally speaking, foreign trade companies will change their samples twice a month.

· Some products cannot be positioned as new products due to some minor flaws, which cause them to be in stock. But it’s difficult to price them because there are many kinds of the products and the quantity of each one is very small. So these products are all sold by weight.

Benefits of buying the jewelry wholesale by kilo

· Large in quantity

Generally speaking, one kilogram of jewelry contains 100-350 pieces of jewelry.

· Rich style

Each kilo of jewelry varies in style with popular.

· Good quality

Most of the products come from jewelry factories, each piece with integrity.

Where to buy good-quality jewelry sold by jewelry?

There are now many jewelry wholesalers on the market who mix old and new jewelry sold by kilo together. As a result, consumers can easily buy defective products. So, it is very important for buyers to find a good channel. If you are looking for a stylish and cheap supplier then I would recommend Jewelrykg, a representative online wholesaler now. I sum up some benefits buying from them.

· Good quality. The products are by no means inferior, and every product has its integrity.
· Rich product line and the product styles per kilo are diversified.
· All the products sold by kilo have independent packages.
· Complete after-sales system.
· The products are sent in random styles and full of surprises.
· Many promotional events.

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Overall, it is worth buying jewelry sold by kilo, a really cost-effective way, no matter whether you are a jeweler, wholesaler or retailer. If you are looking for a stylish and cheap jewelry, you should try this new sale mode.

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