1. Squeeze a little toothpaste on the silver ornaments, add some water and rub with soft cloth to the small white bubble (remember not to use a hard toothbrush cause silver itself is soft, a little hard material will leave scratches on the silver ornaments) then clean with water to restore light

2. The best silver decoration maintenance method is to wear every day, because the oil of the human body will make silver emit a warm and natural luster (Also,people’s sweat itself contains the ingredients that make silver turn black)

3. If the silver jewelry is found to turn black, you should use a small jewelry brush to clean the fine seam of the jewelry and drop a little silver wipe milk, wipe the black oxide on the surface of the silver jewelry to restore the original silver white and light with the silver cloth.

4. If you find that using silver wipe cloth can directly restore about 80% of the silver white condition, there is no need to use silver wipe milk and silver washing water because these products have corrosion, silver jewelry will become more and more yellow after use.

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