Gold jewelry


1. Gold jewelry is low in hardness, easy to deform and scratches, so gold jewelry should be removed when handling heavy objects.


2. Detergent, disinfectant and other chemicals will change the color of gold, so gold ornaments should be removed before cleaning work and swimming, so as to avoid chemical changes on the surface layer.


3. Jewelry should avoid direct contact with perfume, hair gel and other cosmetics. Cosmetics containing mercury and lead can easily lead to white spots on the surface of gold jewelry. Then just bake under the alcohol light for a while to restore the primary color.


4. The worn jewelry often loses its luster due to dust or dirt. At this time, salt and vinegar are mixed into a cleaning agent (neutral detergent) to wipe the pure gold jewelry, which can restore the luster and make it enduring.


5. Toothpaste wipe or scrub with hot thick rice soup can also restore gold luster.


6. When keeping it, wrap it with velvet cloth and then put it into the jewelry box to avoid damage caused by friction.



3D hard gold jewelry


3D hard gold breaks the traditional gold manufacturing process, not only to improve the hardness, not easy to wear, but also to ensure the original color. So when the product is contaminated with dirt, you can use the general cleaning gold process to clean.


Avoid collision with sharp hard objects. In case of product fracture, damage or serious deformation caused by external force impact, it will be difficult to repair, so do not arbitrarily test the hardness and wear resistance of the product itself.



Color gold jewelry


1. Do not make contact with chemicals, such as cleaners, nail polish, etc.


2. Avoid direct contact with highly volatile substances such as perfume and hair gel to avoid damage to 18K gold products.


3. Remember to take off the accessories when swimming, so as to avoid chemical changes on the surface after entering contact with the sea water or the pool water.


4. If the loss of luster is lost due to dirt or dust, the ornaments can be placed in a neutral cleaner diluted in warm water to soak and clean, and then take it out and wipe it dry.


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