Why people always have the passion on jewelry collections

Jewelry has changed over the years, from the exquisite Victorian period to the extremely opulent Edward VII period to the exaggerated neo-classical period. Jewelry styles are becoming more and more colorful and distinctive, and we now see modern jewelry that is either simple and generous or dazzling but has evolved from the previous design style. Today, we'll help you understand how jewelry has changed. 



The imprint of the times in antique jewelry 

Speaking of "antique jewelry," there are five distinct phases that include the Victorian (1836–1901), Art Nouveau (1890–1919), Edward VII (1901–2010), Art Deco (1920–1935), and neo-classical styles (1935 - 1950). 

Victorian era: Flowers, hearts, birds, and bows were frequently used in jewelry, which had a strong romantic motif. and arrows that are expertly crafted on jewelry by artists. 


Jewelry from the Art Nouveau era was created to celebrate the "New Age." Jewelry designs frequently incorporated butterflies, dragonflies, snakes, poppies, orchids, water lilies, and other natural plants. 


The usage of platinum, diamonds, and other precious metals during the reign of Edward VII was the height of luxury. 


Art Deco period: jewelry design is distinctive and in contrast to the past, with handsome and thick, angular lines to represent an industrialized civilization and the independence of women, and geometric craft cutting to provide jewelry flawless symmetry. 


Jewelry from the Neoclassical era was produced in the midst of the Great Depression. This era's jewelry is distinguished by short, chubby forms and oversized colorful stones. Rose gold is often used, Green gold and yellow gold give the jewelry from this era its vibrant and glitzy appearance. 


Since the dawn of time, we have come to enjoy the magical allure that jewelry possesses, which accounts for its long-standing popularity. Jewelry is no longer the sole property of the aristocratic class, and as a result, more and more common people are able to choose their favorite pieces of jewelry at reduced rates through wholesale jewelry companies like jewelrykg, which aims to gain public recognition by offering affordable pricing. 



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