Nowadays, online shopping has brought a lot of convenience to consumers, and more and more people move their main consumption direction from offline to online. Even when choosing all kinds of gold and silver jewelry, they mainly shop online. For example, some people buy gold jewelry online. However, compared with offline buying, online shopping is more risky. So, what should you pay attention to when shopping online jewelry shopping? In this post, We will introduce some points for attention and the latest jewelry online shopping mode.


1.Choose the proper channels

As with offline brick-and-mortar stores, there are a variety of online jewelry sales platforms. In addition to some comprehensive network shopping malls, there are some professional jewelry sales websites, and the official website of major jewelry brands also supports online sales. Therefore, the first step in buying jewelry online is to choose a channel with the highest safety factor. We had better choose some big brand official website. Because the quality of all kinds of jewelry sold by the official website of big brands is more guaranteed, and it can also provide professional after-sales service. In addition, in some well-known jewelry shopping malls to buy jewelry is also a good choice.


2. Be aware of your own needs and style

Many people buy jewelry online without knowing their own needs and style. This leads to poor matching effect of jewelry. To buy jewelry through the Internet, we should choose formal channels and appropriate brands in addition. Another very basic premise is to be clear about your needs. For example, what kind of jewelry to buy, as well as the size and specification of jewelry should have a clear understanding. Then targeted to choose their own products. This can not only choose the right jewelry, but also not easy to cause losses. To avoid the trouble of returning or replacing the goods.


In summary, what does gold jewelry need to pay attention to? In fact, as long as the choice of formal channels, choose a more influential big brand is enough. Then clear their choice of style and specifications.


Recently, the jewelry sales model of selling by weight is popular. The reason why the customer buys the product under the new sales model is as followed:

1.Wholesale jewelry sold by kilo can enrich the product line and diversify the product styles per kilogram. The product is always suitable for self-use or wholesale in bulk.

2.All the jewelry products sold by kilo are packaged independently. Those are not like defective jewelry sold in the market which is without independent packaging. It will not affect the customer's secondary sales or gifts.

3.The products Jewelrykg sell are of good quality. All products are from the jewelry factory which sells the jewelry at a low price for the quick return of cash. Therefore, products are not inferior products, each product has integrity.

4.Jewelrykg is struggling to provide complete after-sales system.

5.Products sold by kilo are delivered in random styles, so every purchase is full of surprises. A buyer can even wish for her chosen product to be included in a catty package.

Jewelrykg's new sales model has the characteristics of diverse varieties and random rich styles, which meet the purchasing needs of the majority of blind box merchants. They have become the world's top three and the first wholesale jewelry platform in China.