For online businesses, it seems that barriers to entry are low. You can emerge with just a good idea and a little money. However, this is not true. In many industries, there are only few light-asset businesses that can dominate the e-commerce world successfully. For example, there is great competition between wholesale jewelry manufacturers of the same kind of jewelry because they want to persuade customers to buy their particular brand.

So, how can you win the competition?

Let’s look at 3 key points that every business start-up should know:

  • Quality

Take jewelry wholesale as an example. The quality of the jewelry should be well-guaranteed. Only in this way can you meet your customers’ satisfaction and increase the repurchase rate. That is also to say, you should not only pay attention to the quality of the goods but also whether you can meet customers’ needs. Therefore, don’t be blind to pursuing those hot-selling styles, instead, knowing your market and target audience is the key.

  • Delivery speed

In addition, to do online businesses,  fast delivery speed is a must. Personally, for me, I think the assurance of delivery speed and cooperation with international express is of vital importance for cross-border businesses. You will see that many companies can not guarantee fast delivery speed for financial reasons. Therefore, to win the competitive advantage, it is very necessary to establish the localization operation logistics as soon as possible.

  • Customer service

Meanwhile, customer service is very crucial. The rise of Millennials has almost changed the shopping habits and consumption concept nowadays. At the same time, there are many Internet users who will pay high attention to personalized customer service. Meanwhile, not only pre-sale service, but after-sale service is very important. Therefore, you should help customers leave a good impression and increase user engagement.

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