Any person can purchase generic packaging or packing tape. Therefore, businesses and individuals should advance their competitiveness by investing in branded shipping tape, also known as logo tapes. Entities that choose customized packing tape are known to increase brand awareness to amplify sales. The difference between standard shipping methods and branding strategies is visually apparent, and even more benefits come from using logo tapes! 


Erase the assumption that custom packaging tape is out of budget or unnecessary for meeting advertising or business needs. Standard 55-yard (50 meters) clear packing tape costs approximately $5, or $0.10 per foot or meter. A 100-yard (91 meters) custom packing tape with colorized lettering, logo, and other printing is about $30, or $0.30 per foot or meter. 


Although the price varies by the material used to manufacture branded Shipping Tape, applications are contingent on the material’s general purposes. For example: 

1. Brown paper packaging tape should only be used for lightweight packages under 30 lbs. and is not recommended for storage. For under $3 a roll, a 55-yard roll can conceal up to 10 boxes.

2. Craft tape is a decorative option typically used to group or organize smaller product parts, as craft tape is not sturdy, but it is the most inexpensive option at under $2 per roll.

3. Duct tape will stick to absolutely everything and is even waterproof. However, heat exposure melts its adhesive to packaging, causing damage and residue stains. The industry standard is a 45-yard roll that can only secure up to 8 boxes.

4. Filament or strapping tape can be used for packages weighing 100-380 pounds (45-172 kilograms), where a 60-yard roll can seal up to 15 boxes with a standard cost of $5-$15 per roll, and embedded bi-directional patterns of fiberglass may cost slightly more.

5. Gummed paper tape that creates a water-activated seal is also an excellent choice for heavy-weight packages, containers in long-term storage, or parcels that may be exposed to extreme temperature changes or humidity. A 60-yard roll of gummed paper tape is expected to cost about $10-$60 and can be applied to up to 40 boxes.

6. Masking tape is the thin, peelable, and near waterproof option, where a 60-yard roll is around $3.

7. Scotch tape, previously known as cellophane tape, is transparent, so optimal to let logos stand out. Another low-cost option, as it is only $5. 

Have the Look

Offset the additional small investment costs from making the change from boring to vibrant shipping tape, knowing that branding will embark a high level of professionalism. Like dressing to impress, tailored markings and packaging will show tremendous organizational pride. Every purchase will be noticeable before the customer's hands, expanding familiarity and noticeability efforts! 


Give customers the sense that their business choice values product protection and quality in their shipping and handling procedures. Custom branded tape deters tampering that may occur from private and public courier transitions. Shipping entities will also add an extra touch of care and watchfulness, knowing that an organization backs the package’s delivery. Currently, the best tamper-evident packaging tape on the market are:

1. Hotmelt polypropylene seals, and

2. Reinforced water-activated options.