When we talk about the smart home virtual assistant, two of the most prominent names always come to the top. People find it difficult to choose between the Alexa Vs Google Assistant. Both Alexa and Google Assistant are useful for the same purpose but both offer slightly different services. So, if you are also one of those people who are skeptical about whether to choose Alexa Vs Google Assistant, this very content is going to help you. Here you are going to learn about some of the core differences between Alexa Vs Google Assistant to help you choose the right virtual assistant for you. What is the difference between Alexa and Google Assistant? Below is the in-depth difference between Alexa Vs Google Assistant. Language The Languages Available on Amazon’s Alexa are Hindi, French, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian. Additionally, it can also support multiple languages simultaneously. So, if you are living in the US, you can choose English or Spanish language in not only Alexa but also the combination of the two languages too if your family members are multilingual. Additionally, on the other hand, Google Assistant supports Danish, Dutch, English, Frech, Hindi, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Korean, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Mandarin, and Thai. However, language availability depends on the region you live in and the device you use. Plus, you can enable two languages in Google Assistance, too but not use both languages in the same sentence. Calling If you are living in the US, Mexico, or Canada, you can make a non-emergency call using the Alexa speaker on display. However, the other person should also be in the same country to make or receive the call. You can make video calls on Amazon’s backend, Zoom, or Skype using the Echo Show display. Moreover, if you do not have an Echo show, you can use the Alexa app while making (or receiving) calls through third-party options. Additionally, when it comes to Google Assistant it is limited to smart speakers and displays, making calls only on Google Duo. Besides, is it also restricted to making calls on Google’s contact numbers (only people living in Canada or US). Besides that, it can also some other carriers company has partnered with. However, the Assistant has Google Duplex, which helps you hold a spot in your automated phone system or book a reservation for you. Response When we talk about the Wake words, Alexa has done a great job compared to Google Assistant. Besides its name, Alexa is good at showing quick responses to terms like “Echo,” “Amazon,” and “Compute.” Additionally, if you live in the UK, US, and Canada, it reacts to the word “Ziggy,” too. While on the other hand assistant is only responsive to terms like “Hey Google” and “OK Google.” Additionally, Alexa needs to give specific commands to perform tasks. Plus, it has done an excellent job of understanding the different phrases which mean the same command. However, it does not work when you say any complex terms. Knowledge If we compare Alexa Vs Google Assistant, in terms of knowledge, then Google Assistant is far better. Google Assistance provides more accurate and extensive knowledge because it has search support. So, it can answer any question you ask it. But then, Alexa is confined to only answering some of the common questions. Additionally, it does have much knowledge about the other complex questions. Services You get first-party services such as music, list, calendar, and others on the Alexa and Google Services. The First party music service Alexa offers is Amazon Music. So, if you are in the US and have an Amazon Prime membership, you will get mid-tier Amazon Music, which offers two million songs and podcasts. In addition, you get a discount if you go for Music Unlimited. And on one the other hand, Google Assistant supports YouTube Music. Additionally, they also support various third-party services such as Netflix, HBO Max, and audio streaming platforms like Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Moreover, Which is better, Alexa Vs Google Assistant? If your major concern is privacy, it is better to choose Google Assistant. However, both companies offer you access to delete recent activities, mute the mic and disable the camera. Furthermore, you can get ads on your phone, laptop, and other devices based on what you ask Alexa or Google Assistant. Apart from that, Alexa allows you to connect various Echo speakers. Plus, you can get Dolby Atmos if you pair a couple of the Echo Studios. Conclusion Above, you read about the various essential information about Alexa Vs Google Assistant. Additionally, you also get the details that help you understand the weakness and strengths of both products. Furthermore, if we have to choose a winner between Alexa Vs Google Assistant, it would be Google Assistant. Plus, it also works fine with phones. However, Alexa is not less than Google Assistant in terms of quality. So, you can choose either of both products you find more appealing and useful to you. Visit Site – office setup office 365 setup Source :- https://officecomus.com/alexa-vs-google-assistant/