Instagram is a great social networking and marketing platform, with over 500 million monthly active users. But attracting, engaging, and maintaining more followers and users on your page can be a tricky task when you don’t know their preferences and exciting patterns.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can use to boost your Instagram networking and branding:

Design your stories

Most of the users skip stories because influencers or brands are either doing similar things or aren’t creating remarkable stories. One great way to stick the users to your account is to pre-plan what you are going to post on it and design your story before sharing it with the world. You can use apps such as unfold, mojo, etc. to create impressive video or photo stories.

Cross-Promote your content

You can remind your audience to look over your stories for some insightful content by posting a picture with a caption relating to your post. Remember, not to directly begin bragging about your stories but rather begin with a description that matches the image posted and then promote your story-highlights. Vice-versa, promote your feed’s post on the stories in creative ways.

Use Instagram stickers  

Instagram keeps updating its stickers, depending on the occasions. And you can use them according to your business or engagement needs. Instagram provides you with ‘create, don’t hate,’ poll, questions, GIFs, challenges, quizzes, and countdown stickers. Using these stickers will allow you to gain more engagements in your story, and if you’re creative enough (regularly) with your account, you might gain more followers.

Hashtags and Location

Using trending hashtags will categorize your posts and stories, helping you gain more viewers to see your content and page. You can also create your hashtags to maintain originality and authenticity. The location sticker helps you in a rather similar way. When you add locations to your stories, viewers who visited the same place will be aware of your availability in that area.

Correspond with your Aesthetic

You can create stories, content, and posts that are authentic and have an aesthetic appeal. To create an alluring aesthetic, choose a constant color code for both your feed and your story. Besides, you can maintain your feed’s grid. To be more aesthetically appealing, use unique font size, color, and techniques.

Know your audience

Make proper use of the ‘Insights’ feature on your Instagram. On the top right corner of your feed, you’ll find a three-line marked; click on it and hit the ‘INSIGHTS’ option. You’ll now be able to see three pages: activity, content, and audience. Switch to the ‘Audience’ page, and there you’ll know not just the gender and country of your audience but also the timing and duration of the audience’s engagements on your page. Use this knowledge smartly to engage with your audience in the peak hours. This feature also helps you to know your growth, reach, and impressions.


Collaborating with different brands and people from the influencer’s business will help you involve more users in your content as it makes your content/ brand visible to the collaborator’s page as well. Taking over to the collaborator’s stories or doing joint live sessions also ensures to build up new audiences. Allow your collaborator to engage with your audiences, as this creates a balance in the partnership.

Repost and Connect

One way to stick your audience to your page is to repost their stories or posts when they use your hashtags and products. Think strategically before sharing the mentions as you don’t want to post each ‘Mentioned’ and bore the rest of your audience. And posting user-generated content (UGC) can make your page/brand look more reliable and trust-worthy. Moreover, you can reply to your DMs to connect and help your audience, if required. Or else, you can reply to them in the comments section.

Incorporating these tips will help you gain in branding and engaging with your target audience in the long-term. You have to be regular and strategic with your posting and sharing techniques. And now that you are mindfully aware of the methods used, astute your brand and content, and don’t forget to be patient with it. You’ll witness great engagements, impressions, and reach.


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